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Find info on how and why to engage in personal selling online, news on coviewing technology and the latest on Oct8ne.

How to integrate Oct8ne with Analytics to understand your customers

Let’s see how (and why) to integrate Oct8ne with Analytics. If you’re not using this option yet, you’re not taking full advantage of the tool’s potential at the strategic level, in terms of the analytical possibilities provided by the livechat.

How to sell online if your agents don’t know how to sell

Sometimes we overthink something that is objectively unquestionable: customer service agents are the ones who have the most contact with users. In fact, sometimes they are the only people customers have a direct interaction with.

Oct8ne keep getting better with new functionalities

We have new developments to make the user experience even fullerfor all customers and make your agents’ work easier. In this update, Oct8ne incorporates two integrations and a new feature into the chat.

How to optimize customer reviews in your online store

Customer advocacy doesn’t stop growing in the era of e-commerce.  In this post we’ll talk about how to optimize your online store’s reviews to project what your customers think, why it’s so important, and what price you pay if you neglect users.

Customer service trends your business needs to start in 2018

Let’s review the customer service trends for 2018.It’s the beginning of the year and we’ve got time to look atwhat will make customers happy in the upcoming months. Don’t forget that a happy customer is synonymous with a store that works.

Ten tips to optimize your e-commerce search and turn it into a sales agent

Do you want to increase your online store’s sales? What kind of question is that, right? The results of a survey we just created confirm that 100% of retailers want to sell more. Jokes aside, what actually istrue is that 100% of those stores devote a large part of their resources to improving their conversionKeep reading

How to place a SEO post in WordPress

Having a blog is the advice you’ll always get when you start an e-commerce or try to improve your position. Though it sounds easy, it’s not as simple as launching a plugin and being done. Do you know how to place a SEO post well in WordPress?

How to get your e-commerce ready for Christmas: last minute tips

Christmas is here already, has it caught you off guard? Well, the truth is that it won’t do you any good to feel sorry for yourself, so get down to work as soon as you finish reading this post. Here are some tips you should follow to get your e-commerce ready for Christmas at theKeep reading

Why WhatsApp isn’t a good customer service channel

WhatsApp confirmed that its business application, WhatsApp Business, had entered the beta phase and everyone started wondering what influence it could have on companies’ strategies. Yes, it’ll have an effect, but WhatsApp is not a good customer service channel.

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