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How to get quality leads for your email marketing strategy

If you’re wantingto grow your subscriber lists, you probably already have the most effective channel at your disposal to attract, retain, and sell more to your target audience: email marketing. Of course, you have to ask yourself whatthe best ways to create a quality database are, since that’s the key to success.

How to direct traffic to your online store through visual marketing

Even before photography was invented, advertisements were used in the press as illustrations to capture readers’ attention. In the digital world, the distance between the image / ad and our online store is less than a couple of clicks away. Let’s find out how we can make the most of the impact ofvisual marketing toKeep reading

Jordi Nogués, Badfriends CEO: ‘The UX will be experimenting with including all five senses’

If you usually fly out of Spain, I’m sure you’ve seen the BADTORO image in every Duty Free at the airport. Since Jordi Nogués created the brand in 2005; the products featuring the friendly, rebel bull have spread around the world from shirts, caps, cups, and even to food items. Now Nogués has taken theKeep reading

How to translate a chat in real time with customers from other countries

There are several obstacles when an e-commerce wants to open its doors to the international market: legal framework, logistics management, and customs taxes. Orchestrating everything isn’t easy and therefore, something as important as customer service is often left behind. One of the first things you did was translate the website but, what language are youKeep reading

How to position SEO exclusively for an online store

Every website should optimize its positioning. But do you know how to position SEO for an online store? Many e-commerce want to improve their Google ranking and they encounter more hassles than benefits when they start, so we’ll clear them up step by step. 

Oct8ne for hotels: How to use a new sales channel

Let’s take a look at one of the most competitive industries on the Internet. Throughout this post we’ll focus on three very clear insights, three situations that represent the challenges of the travel sector and how Oct8ne’s livechat can represent a solution by becoming a new sales channel for hotels.

How to integrate Oct8ne with Analytics to understand your customers

Let’s see how (and why) to integrate Oct8ne with Analytics. If you’re not using this option yet, you’re not taking full advantage of the tool’s potential at the strategic level, in terms of the analytical possibilities provided by the livechat.

How to sell online if your agents don’t know how to sell

Sometimes we overthink something that is objectively unquestionable: customer service agents are the ones who have the most contact with users. In fact, sometimes they are the only people customers have a direct interaction with.

Oct8ne keep getting better with new functionalities

We have new developments to make the user experience even fullerfor all customers and make your agents’ work easier. In this update, Oct8ne incorporates two integrations and a new feature into the chat.

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