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Ten tips to optimize your e-commerce search and turn it into a sales agent

Do you want to increase your online store’s sales? What kind of question is that, right? The results of a survey we just created confirm that 100% of retailers want to sell more. Jokes aside, what actually istrue is that 100% of those stores devote a large part of their resources to improving their conversionKeep reading

How to place a SEO post in WordPress

Having a blog is the advice you’ll always get when you start an e-commerce or try to improve your position. Though it sounds easy, it’s not as simple as launching a plugin and being done. Do you know how to place a SEO post well in WordPress?

How to get your e-commerce ready for Christmas: last minute tips

Christmas is here already, has it caught you off guard? Well, the truth is that it won’t do you any good to feel sorry for yourself, so get down to work as soon as you finish reading this post. Here are some tips you should follow to get your e-commerce ready for Christmas at theKeep reading

Why WhatsApp isn’t a good customer service channel

WhatsApp confirmed that its business application, WhatsApp Business, had entered the beta phase and everyone started wondering what influence it could have on companies’ strategies. Yes, it’ll have an effect, but WhatsApp is not a good customer service channel.

Why SEO and customer service should go hand in hand

In online ecosystems everything is connected. If we can take advantage of this, we’ll realize that disciplines as different as SEO and customer service can be closely related. What we learn from one can be useful to enhance the other.

What to do if your e-commerce becomes stagnant

Sometimes it happens. It’s a natural part of the process of creating an online store. Sometimes your e-commerce comes to a standstill and it’s better that you see it coming and don’t get discouraged or start shooting blindly because that often creates more problems than it fixes.

How to increase engagement on your blog posts

You write and write and write on your blog. You have a team that works every day, but you’re not getting what you think are the optimal results. What’s wrong? Why don’t my posts have high engagement?

How to do SEO for an e-commerce that just got started

On-page SEO should be applied from the beginning of development. Unfortunately, this sentence is as clear as uncertain but we’ll tell you everything you need to keep in mind about SEO when it comes to launching a new e-commerce.

When to make the jump to Amazon: A price estimate to sell in the marketplace

With the rise of market places many companies are wondering when to make the jump to Amazon and how much it will cost them. In the difficult task of giving a recommendation that works for everyone, there are a few common variables for those who want to sell on Amazon.

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