Six hacks to capitalize on your CRM with active analytics and visual assistance

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Having a tool where you can collect and organize your customers’ information is vital for any company, at least this is what we think at Oct8ne and Webtrekk. Customer Relationship Manager is still a term that encompasses a wide set of features. Not only does this let you centralize your customer’s data but you can also make objective and accurate decisions to enhance their relationship with your brand.

It sounds good in theory, but unfortunatelyeven today there are still a lot of companies that either don’t understand the real value of a CRM –and they still use Excel spreadsheets with a ton of pages–. Or, if they do use CRM, they still define it as “where I have all my client data”.

In the end, even though we’d like to say something different, a number of companies don’t take full advantage of their customer’s data;but what does that mean? It means they don’t end up offering the best experience, and therefore, their statistics suffer. You know where we’re going with this.

If we think about it, CRM is a key tool to carry out successful loyalty and retention strategies, when used correctly. Through the data we’ve been collecting and working with from our users, we can trigger more personalized actions.

As such, at Oct8ne and Webtrekk we’ve gotten down to work and developed a guide with six hacks to improve your CRM and enhance your relationship with your customers:

  1. Integrate your customer’s online and offline data in your CRM

Unless you’re a pure player (and even then, with uncertainties), if you only have your customer’s online data, you lose a great source of valuable data. Like you’ve often heard, the customer is unique, regardless of their background or interaction with your brand assets. Therefore, the experience that you have to offer is one that responds to their interests and behavior patterns both on and offline.

At Webtrekk we have the technology to integrate offline behavior data into our tool and suggest personalized content to your users and customers online (and vice versa). You can also export customer behavior data to Salesforce to enrich your database.

  1. Identify key behavior patterns of customers with high purchase probability

Segmenting your users and customers is key to being effective in marketing. InWebtrekk you can identify users with high conversion probabilities and build that user’s profile in CRM. This way you can impact them using personalized actions, both on and offline. Power your NPS at the individual level and assign each user the category that pertains to them.

  1. Increase the effectiveness of your nurturing strategies based on your enriched CRM data

Once you’ve directed customized content to a specific set of users, you can integrate the results of the campaign into Webtrekk Suite and import them into your CRM. But, why? To be able to fine-tune your nurturing strategies and thus be able to extend customer lifespan. With Webtrekk Suite it’ll be easier for you to build customer loyalty through CRM!

  1. Integrate and create new leads directly from conversations with the customer

Connecting your customer service system with your CRM will let you create leads much easier. All the information from the users you speak with through Oct8ne can be added directly in your CRM.

The agents work in the background. If you give each customer personalized attention, the customer service department won’t only enhance the conversion, they’ll also strengthen user trust. If you’re satisfied after a session, you’ll be more willing to leave your personal information or register on the webpage. One point in favor of your database.

  1. Redirect users to the chat from your CRM’s automated e-mails

All the e-mails you send automatically from your CRM might include a CTA to automatically reconnect users with customer service. The process is very simple: you just need to include a call to action with Oct8ne’s Invite Link URL.

Once the user clicks on this link, they’ll beredirected to the main website or to the checkout page, for example, with the chat window open and an agent available to assist them and answer any questions.

  1. Open and close out tickets from the chat and personalize the attention users receive even more

The more detailed an image you have of a customer, the better assistance you can give them. By integrating Oct8ne with your CRM you can see the tickets in the control panel to create a new one, consult existing ones, or close out the ones you’ve already dealt with. This way, the service the customer receives won’t only be more personalized, it’ll be more immediate and effective.


asier webtrekkAsier de la Torre @Webtrekk
Head of Marketing and Communication at Webtrekk Spain

His work ranges from creating blended marketing strategies to offline/digital communication, with his specialty being Content Marketing and omni-channel strategy. His experience includes international brands like Iberdrola (Marketing Manager), Neinver (CRM & Digital Marketing Specialist) and Thermomix (Product Developer and Digital Marketing Specialist).

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