Why the company ‘Cuidado con el Perro’ has started using Oct8ne’s coviewer

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Items from Cuidado con el Perro can now be found in almost 40 stores throughout Latin America and it is, of course, a brand that has made the leap to e-commerce. Their company has opted to use Oct8ne to interact with its users.

This brand is the first of the Garcia Stores to join online sales and is now able to reach anywhere in the country. Those who love casual and unbridled fashion will be able to enjoy good quality at an economic price as well as have the possibility of offering a positive customer service experience.

The goal of the company is to not differentiate in how the brand relates to and attends the customer, both in a physical store and online. Tito Calvo, Digital Strategy Director for Cuidado con el Perro, explains that his most important strategic project is becoming omni-channel.

We asked him a few questions regarding why Oct8ne fits his business model:

Whats the difference between customer service at your store and customer service online?

The main goal is that the brand relates with and attends the customer the same way, independent of the contact channel used. Aside from physical contact, we want the customers experience to be the same.

Why did you decide on a sales and customer service tool like Oct8ne?

Were an innovative company and this is the starting point for all strategic projects we address. Oct8ne is a thoroughly innovative solution in terms of customer service, which provides the user with a unique and distinct experience.


What benefits does Oct8ne bring to your business?

From our point of view, there are two differentiating advantages: One from a business standpoint and the other from UX. With the former, were convinced that, thanks to Oct8nes features, weve reduced the number of returns at our e-commerce, while, thanks to personal shopping, we will have a direct impact on our income statement.

The second is born from the nature of the project. Since its launch, it has aimed to offer an innovative user experience and bring great value to the user, who is at the center of every decision.

The strategy that we designed for our project, Cuidado con el Perro, is clear and based on three pillars: Mobile First, Brand Content, and User Experience. Were convinced that Oct8ne integrates with our goals perfectly.

Whats your experience with the coviewer?

Enriching, fun, and usable, the coviewer brings value to the brand and provides us with the view that the consumer has when theyre making a purchase. For us, its a type of guided shopping where we can act as personal shoppers.

Which engagement is the most useful for your e-commerce?

Without a doubt, the triggers and the coviewer are decisive for our business.

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