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Introducing the new and improved Oct8ne Lite version! Now it’s even easier: The Lite version can be integrated with any online store free for 14 days, increasing e-commerce power. Try a free trial so you can experience all the benefits of Oct8ne. We won’t ask you for any credit card details during your trial!

Facts are facts: 15% of customers who interact using Oct8ne go on to make a purchase. This seems a good enough reason for us to offer you the chance to try our most straightforward version of our tool completely free.

What are the benefits of the Lite version?

Easier installation!

With all the same great features as before, providing excellent customer service and boosting online sales, but now it’s even easier to install. It can also be installed on all software. Register with Oct8ne and receive a code script. Install it in your website and start experiencing our tool in only 5 minutes.

Range of price plans!

We now have a larger range of price plans, meaning you can choose the plan which adapts best to your business. You can choose from our free version, which includes basic functions, up to our customized version with personalized features tailored to your specific needs, all at a price which matches your economic situation.


With the Lite Version we provide you with support and give training sessions to show you how to make the most of its communication channels. With Oct8ne you will always be able to contact your customers in the most efficient and convenient way.


Add your logo and corporate colors in order to seamlessly incorporate the look&feel of your website. You can also send your customers customized messages in order to capture their attention and invite them to start a conversation automatically.

oct8ne lite version


Oct8ne’s main features

The coviewer

Discover a more realistic and interactive online shopping experience using our technology. Agents and clients can see the same products at the same time, allowing them to interact together, creating multiple sales opportunities.

Client information

Anticipate the needs of each customer by accessing their browsing history and previous purchases. Know what they want before starting each conversation.

Multichannel Communications

Use Oct8ne to contact customers using chat, telephone, browser and email.

Workflow management

Boost your agents’ productivity using features that save time and have been designed to fuel sales.


Receive information in real-time about the volume of conversations, products shown and products sold or monitor the activity and performance of each agent.


Oct8ne guaranties quick and effective support by phone or email, as well as training and best practice studies.

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