Improve customer confidence and loyalty

Gain valuable insights from your customers’ browsing behavior
Never start a conversation blind again. With Oct8ne you know what your visitors have searched for, looked at, and added to their cart before the conversation begins, including previous sessions when the visitor hasn’t contacted an agent. You can also see any products added to the cart or the wishlist.

See what they’re searching for

See what page your customers are viewing at all times, without sharing any product in the coviewer.

Attend your potential customers

Oct8ne makes a predictive segmentation of your visitors to find out who potential customers are and when the perfect time is to interact with them. Our personalized triggers detect when a customer needs help and automatically open the chat with a predefined message. Your agents don’t have to be monitoring all the visitors that enter your website, Oct8ne will control your activity and notify you only when the customer wants to interact with an agent.

Learn from the past

See full-length records of past sessions and view a customer’s shopping history at a glance.

Build a stronger rapport with customers as you give advice tailored to their buying patterns and personal preferences.

Tagging conversations

You can create the tags you need and tag every conversation you have with your customers.

This way you can group them according to why they visited or by department (sales, complaints, returns, orders, etc).

Integration with Google Analytics

You can activate Google Analytics from the control panel to monitor every interaction that happens through Oct8ne.

You’ll have your own statistics to keep track of the direct sales conversion and monitor everything that happens in our Sales Suite. For example, how many times your customers open the chat, how many clients are assisted by an agent, how many see the contact form, or how many clicks are made at the checkout through the coviewer, and many more.


Keep them coming back

Send your customer a summary of the conversation by email, so they can consider the purchase more and are able to find the product you have viewed together at any moment.

With Oct8ne, customers resolve all their technical questions very easily and makes their purchase option much safer.
Xavi Nieto, CEO of Aventuramania ,

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