Choose the communication channels with your clients that interest you most at each time – Chat, voice, video and email through Oct8ne

Offer live chat assistance during hours of your choice. Immediately attend to visitors and handle multiple conversations at once.
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Keep the phone conversation going and add the Oct8ne coviewing experience when customers need visual assistance.
Invite customers to a private consultation or answer their questions by emailing them an Oct8ne link to connect directly with an available agent.
Complete the visual experience by transferring the chat inquiry to a video call and share your screen with the clients if necessary.

Allow your customers to decide how and where to start a conversation with the agent


History Bar: Displays every product your customer has viewed and highlights when an agent is available.

Custom link: Create unique links and customize the access button to offer interaction with an agent in any area of your website. You can also create links for each agent and assign a specialist based on each section of your online store.


Assisted Search: Uses your site search but with the option of a live agent
for faster help.


Phone PIN: Provide a PIN code over the phone so that you and a caller can keep the conversation going while using Oct8ne at the same time.


Classic chat: Traditional live chat is always ready for you to use. Different messages appear based on agent availability.


Invite Link: Create exclusive catalogs for individual customers, create a unique link and invite them to look at it and ask questions about the products.

Customize each access point

Choose your access points and customize them to blend in with your store’s appearance. Select colors and fonts or request a custom design.

Remember, the more access points you offer, the higher your conversion rates will be!

Experience an Omni-channel solution

No matter what communication channels you choose, Oct8ne is ready to provide support across all devices

We’re fully responsive, so mobile and tablet visitors will view an adapted experience.

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oct8ne appareance

Respond from your smartphone

Attend your customers wherever you are: our mobile application allows you to chat with all your customers as comfortably as any other messaging platform on your phone.

As in the desktop version, a notification will pop up on your smartphone when a customer opens the chat or sends you a message. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Working with oct8ne’s team has been great. They were quick to make custom modifications for our site. We’re excited to offer this as another way our customers can connect with us.
Michael Schuler, eCommerce Director,

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Workflow management

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