Gain insight into how to fuel your sales

Profit from your own sales intelligence
Easy-to-understand graphs take the mystery out of analytics. Track sales, missed and completed sessions, and number of product views.

Engagement and performance metrics

Discover where customers engage with you the most on your site. Test different access points, messaging and looks to see what works best in generating sales.

To obtain a higher level of service, monitor your agent’s productivity and quality of assistance.

Sales and product metrics

Track the sales performance of each agent and study what works and what doesn’t. Learn which products to promote, which products are viewed the most, and how product impressions impact sales.


Detailed session logs

Every customer action, product viewed, and chat session are saved in an easy-to-read record. Study customer behaviors and review agents’ performances to maintain quality control and drive your business upward.


Receive our recommendations

Receive our recommendations, such as best practice studies so you can progress daily with Oct8ne. Increase your sales and your customers’ satisfaction!

Oct8ne offers something no other chat service does: the ability to walk customers through your virtual store and convert more of them faster.
Andrew Elmdanat, General Manager,

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