Create an in-store Shopping experience with Oct8ne’s exclusive technology

Shared product view: Visitor and agent see the same images at the same. Zoom, pan, point, and scroll through images to uncover details often missed. Clearly see product suggestions. Product browser: Search, filter, and sort products instantly. Uses your site’s search engine without changing it. Cart controls: With one click, easily add products to the cart or wishlist without leaving the Coviewer. Insight panel: Easily access history of viewed, wishlist, and shopping cart items. Meaningful Dialog: Live chat with an agent and get immediate answers to questions. Instant image upload: Upload a picture to more quickly explain what you need.
Inter-agent interactions: Smoothly transfer sessions to another agent or chat with a co-worker to get help. Shared product view: Visitor and agent see the same images at the same time. Zoom, pan, scroll, and point. View all visitor actions and leave reminder notes for customers. Engagement toolbox: Capture contact info, send forms, connect by voice, upload images, and access library of frequently used phrases. Session manager: Flip between multiple chats with ease and quickly prioritize who needs attention first with our color-coded system. Customer insights panel: Easily access history of viewed, wishlist, and shopping cart items. Know your customer’s wants in real time. Assisted search & catalog: Conveniently search for products to recommend or tap into useful images and videos right at your fingertips. Cart controls: With one click, easily add products to a cart or wishlist on behalf of the customer.

Real-time joint product viewing
With coviewing, Oct8ne lets agents and customers see the exact same thing in your store. Both can independently flip through products, zoom, pan, and point to close the sale or get questions answered faster. No passing control back and forth needed.

Privacy respected

There’s no need for customers to worry about security or privacy violations – an agent can’t see or control anything outside the Oct8ne coviewer.

Seamless Shopping experience

Customers can search, view, compare products, chat, create an account, and add to the wishlist or cart without leaving the Oct8ne coviewer. They can even use it independently, without agent assistance.

Innovative Live chat

Differentiate yourself from competitors by offering a live chat that allows you to share deeper product knowledge and photos.

Up-selling and Cross-selling tools

Increase the chance to improve up-selling and cross-selling with Oct8ne, thanks to all our interactive tools in real-time.
Suggest complementary or premium products at any moment by analyzing the real needs of each customer, based on your conversations, information from previous visits and the products seen by the customer.

Assisted checkout

Drop items into the cart on behalf of your customers and accompany them all the way through the checkout process to answer questions, allay doubts or offer last-minute incentives.


Customers can upload their own images

Are your customers looking for jewelry to match a dress? Or do they have a broken piece that needs replacing? Skip the email volleying and have them upload a picture so that your agent can see exactly what they’re talking about!

You can even upload images and videos that aren’t already in your database to help customers more quickly.

Oct8ne is a powerful tool that helps us sell, to be able to guide the client, to offer options, show products … the online customer service process is an assisted sale in the heat of the right moment that would have been lost without all of it.
Carlos Perera, CEO of Technospain

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