Boost agent productivity

Manage multiple sessions with ease and never lose a client
Oct8ne’s color prioritization system gives agents instant visibility as to who needs attention first. Our system automatically distributes chats evenly and gives agents the option to take on more if they want. They can also see the location of each customer which allows them to be attended in the correct language.
Inter-agent chat and transfer

Chat and transfers between agents

Agents can smoothly transfer sessions to each other or chat with a seasoned co-worker to get help. No more getting stumped by difficult customer questions or product recommendations.

Smart offline mode

Agents can manage customer expectations by toggling between “Available” or “Away.” No one logged in? You can display an after-hours message and an email contact form, or nothing at all.


Customize greetings and phrases

It’s easy to craft automated greetings and avatar images. Want to save even more time? Create commonly used phrases and shortcuts for recurring questions.

Shared catalog of resources

Have resources you want to show a customer that aren’t on your site? No problem. Upload images and videos into the shared catalog for quick access during a chat.

Thanks to the history offered by this tool, our agents know our clients, so they can help them, advise them and guide them in a personalized way.
Raül Lleberia, Drim Manager,

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