Errors in the customer experience that make you lose sales

Maybe you’re not completely aware, but surfing and the usability of your online store could be frustrating your customers and, therefore, thwarting sales. Let’s talk about the customer experience and the mistakes that are costing you money.

How to prepare your e-commerce for summer

Summer is here and we’ll start noticing it any time now. We’re not only worried about the rise in temperature, which of course we are, we’re also concerned about the time we have to start preparing the webpage for our online store. Seasonality can be tricky, so sign up for these tips on how toKeep reading

How to get quality leads for your email marketing strategy

If you’re wantingto grow your subscriber lists, you probably already have the most effective channel at your disposal to attract, retain, and sell more to your target audience: email marketing. Of course, you have to ask yourself what the best ways to create a quality database are, since that’s the key to success.

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