How to install Oct8ne in Magento 2

Do you use Magento 2? Great! We have a plugin for your platform. If you have any questions, you can email us at to ask for help. If you’re really lost, we’ll install it for you.

  1. Register with Oct8ne

    The first thing you need is an Oct8ne account. Register on our page to create your account and access your company’s control panel.

  2. Install the plugin

    Download the official Magento 2 plugin (or download it directly here). If you chose the Marketplace way, install it via Web Setup Wizard entering the public and private key you got after the purchase. If you went for the package download, decompress its content in your root Magento 2 folder. Right after, open the command terminal locating yourself in the Magento 2 directory with the command cd and then execute the expression php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    After that, you will find Oct8ne section on the side of Magento 2 admin panel. Enter there, you will be able to activate your account with your Oct8ne email address and password. Once it’s installed on your platform, Oct8ne will appear on your page and you’ll have immediate access to Magento 2 product catalog from Oct8ne.

If you prefer to install Oct8ne without using the plugin,you can do so by pasting our script code on your web. Read the instructions here.


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