How to install Oct8ne in Opencart

Do you use Opencart? Installing Oct8ne’s code on your page is very easy and won’t take more than five minutes. If you have any questions you can email us at for help.

  1. Register with Oct8ne

    The first thing you need is an Oct8ne account. Register on our page to create your account and access your company’s control panel.

  2. Copy the installation code.

    Once you’ve entered, the script code page will appear. Copy it in order to paste it in the footer of your page. It’s important that you select the language that Oct8ne will appear in on your page before copying the code.

  3. Paste the code on your Opencart page.

    Access your Opencart account. In the administrator archive, find the Catalog folder and enter in View > Theme > Template > Common. In this directory, locate the footer.php archive and click on edit to paste the code. Paste it just before </body> tag.

    Save the changes and you’re ready!


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