How to install Oct8ne in Prestashop without the plugin

If you use Prestashop and you want to install Oct8ne without using our plugin, you can do so by copying our code into the footer of your page.

  1. Copy the installation code

    Copy the installation code after registering on our page you can access the backoffice by adding your login information. Once you’ve entered, the script code page will appear. Copy it in order to paste it in the footer of yourpage. It’s important that you select the language that Oct8ne will appear in on your page before copying the code.

  2. Paste the code in the footer of your website.

    For this step you need to incorporate the script into the footer of your page. If you already have a plugin that allows this feature, paste the code where it’s required.

    If not, we recommend that you download the HTML-BOX module from Prestashop. Add it to your platform from Add new module > Choose File. Search the zip archive that you just downloaded and upload it.

    When you have it installed, all you need to do is go to Modules to find the HTMLbox. Click on Configure and paste Oct8ne’s code in the footer of the HTMLbox editor.
    Save the changes and you’re done!

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