This is live chat

It’s a great customer service tool, but not so great as a sales tool.

This is oct8ne

It’s a powerful eCommerce sales tool that allows customers and agents to look at products together, just like in a walk-in store.

Interact with customers in real time

Oct8ne’s main features

Discover a more interactive shopping experience by using the coviewer to see what your customers see in real time. You will be able to interact with them in order to strengthen the purchasing process.More.
Connect with customers you’re attending on the phone through the coviewer too, by entering a code. The communication will flow easier if you can both see what you’re talking about. More.
Anticipate your customers’ questions through automatic algorithms that detect the ideal time to communicate with your client. Stay ahead of critical situations and capture customers before they have questions.
You can see your customer’s interests by accessing their data and browsing history. You’ll be able to see which pages they’ve looked at to better personalize your customer serviceMore.
It doesn’t matter what channel you use to communicate with your customers. Our technology allows you to display the coviewer by chat, telephone, and email. More.
Increase productivity thanks to features designed to drive sales and help you save time. More.
You will have data about conversations and the images shown in the coviewer in real time and you’ll be able to keep track of all activity. More.
If you need to talk face to face with your client, you can continue the conversation through an Oct8ne video call that also allows you to share screens.
Oct8ne adapts to the language your pages are in so your customers feel comfortable from anywhere in the world.

Get started easily

Easy setup

Easy installation

Register with Oct8ne and receive a code script. Install it in your website and start experiencing our tool.

Complete customization

Complete customization:

Add your logo and corporate colors in order to seamlessly incorporate the look&feel of your website. You can also send your customers customized messages.

Soporte Gratuito

Personalized support

At Oct8ne we want to be sure that you enjoy all the advantages we have to offer from the very beginning, therefore we provide you support by telephone and/or email and also training sessions.

Oct8ne integrates with custom-built sites and with all commerce platforms such as

Other plataforms

  • Oct8ne has plugins for:

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