Smart Generation

Smart Generation is our first case of international success. This Italian company started as a startup in 2015 and now, four years later, it already has a traffic of 50,000 monthly visits on its website.

This e-commerce found its niche market selling Apple refurbished products for two reasons: to provide better prices to users and reduce environmental impact.

With this business idea, customers not only save up to 80% on their purchases but also enjoy fully personalized attention since Smart Generation works with Oct8ne.

For Smart Generation, communication is essential when establishing a correct relationship with users. In addition, they consider that “customer service is essential to differentiate as a leading company in the sector and not as one more e-commerce”.

“Initially, we used other livechat services; but we were not completely satisfied because they were only directed to text messages. We wanted something else and we found the visual chat of Oct8ne. ”

Smart Generation increases the CRO to 30% thanks to the visual customer service

smart generation

How Smart Generation use visual customer service

When asked how Smart Generation differs from customer support from any other e-commerce, the company points out that they offer high availability in online assistance, both in presale and after sales.

“We constantly receive positive comments where they mention our excellence in the immediate livechat service. With the covisor we can interact with our users in a much more intuitive way, giving an extraordinary service and guaranteeing greater conversion and service”.

For Smart Generation, the advantages of visual customer service have an almost “inexplicable” potential, everything is understood when you use it.

The customer can easily find the products because the customer service can know what they are looking for thanks to the contextual information offered by Oct8ne. In this way, we can advise the right product and increase the CRO”.

Since the company began assisting its customers with Oct8ne, sales of its e-commerce have increased by 30% thanks to personalized assistance. “In addition, we have achieved a higher loyalty rate.”

“We have compiled the evaluations of our users and every day we receive, at a minimum, a positive review towards our excellent livechat service. We believe that the user experience is so positive thanks to this innovative software.”

What is the Smart Generation strategy

“In Smart Generation we use triggers strategy – without being invasive – that makes it clear to our customers that we are available to them. This makes them feel free to contact us. For us it is a perfect tool to invite the user to express their doubts in a very simple and fast way”.

The message of this company is very clear: it welcomes and offers its help while informing you of alternative ways of contact, such as the phone number or WhatsApp.

“Most of our conversations begin thanks to triggers. Once we have made the first contact, we take advantage of other advantages of Oct8ne to complete the purchase process by advising the customerIt is very effective to be able to add the product you are looking for to the user’s cart directly from the chat; in this way we can also accompany you during the payment process”.

“After almost a year working with a visual support, we are really satisfied and we can only recommend software like this that gives us so many benefits to get closer to the customer.”

Companies of all sizes trust Oct8ne to increase their sales:

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