Success story: Oct8ne increases Textura’s conversion up to 23.60%

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Textura is a great reference for home decor. Since 1979, every home lover has brought the harmony of this brand to their home. Its products, which trend toward simplicity, make up an extensive catalog and therefore, assistance is very personal to the brand, “Behind every recommendation there’s a team of people who know our catalog.”

Laura Cabrera, who’s part of Textura’s e-commerce department, talked to us about the experience they’ve had with Oct8ne and how their conversion rate has improved. “The attention a client receives needs to be fast, personal and specialized. We don’t just answer questions,we advise the customer. ”

Oct8ne’s impact on Textura’s sales

“We started using Oct8ne because it seemed like an interesting way to get closer to our customers and it’s the only tool that lets us show the products and interact with the client in real-time,” Cabrera explains.

With our visual customer service software, you can integrate the online store’s catalog and share images and videos of each product in the chat while you’re having a conversation with the customer. Textura has benefitted from this feature:

  • The agents show an average of 4.5 products in each session, which has increased the conversion rate to 23.60%


success story textura

“We wanted to offer a closer and more professional sales approach as well as solve our customer’sproblems immediately. Being able to assist a customer as if they were in one of our physical stores is a great personalized sales technique. We answer product quality questions that save many sales at the last minute.”

  • 74% of Textura’s queries are product-related questions. Oct8ne has also managed to convert 18.52% of traffic that returns to the page after having spoken with an agent


“We can directly show a customer the product they’re looking for, which savesthem time and streamlines our sales process. Oct8ne exceeds our expectations. We have the information from the items the user looked at and which ones they added to their cart. Furthermore, our agents can send you recommendations.”

  • Textura gets a lot of traffic on their website but only 15.8% of the visits proactively go to the chat to express their doubts. With Oct8ne, 84% of users have spoken with an agent, thanks to the strategic triggers


Textura sought to increase customer capture and has established a segmentation strategy for different customer profiles. “For example, when a customer visits several product listings, we offer assistance by automatically triggering the chat,” explains Cabrera. “This way, can we anticipate their questions and show them items similar to what they’ve already looked at.”

“By being able to manage several chats at the same time, we don’t leave any customers unattended, which also lets us develop sales strategies. We not only show complementary products to increase cart value, we also remind you of current sales. Before, there were a lot of uncompleted sales due to lack of information.”

“In addition, we get a lot of information about what customers are looking for and the data that is missing from our website, which has also helped us make improvements at the user and customer experience level,” Texturamentions.

All percentages from Textura’s success story were extracted from the company’s results fromlast January. Among the good statistics, they also highlight that user satisfaction has increased in the final phase of the purchasing process.

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