The evolution of customer service is visual: Livechat, Chatbot, and Messaging


Show what you sell in real-time to personalize the shopping experience and increase your sales through visual customer service.

Live chat & Chatbot for ecommerce
Live Chat & Chatbot ecommerce camera

Live Chat with visual support

Oct8ne is the only chat with visual support – the coviewer – an interactive space that agents and customers share within the chat to visualize images and videos of your catalog’s products and services. This way, you can guide users in a much more agile way and increase sales.

Visual chatbot

Chatbot with easy configuration, without code. Its drag & drop module system and visual support allow to guide the customer towards what they are looking for through a series of questions and multiple answers. The chatbot can also be configured in Messaging channels such as WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, to offer the same 24/7 visual experience also in these applications.
Anything else? Yes, it is possible to integrate ChatGPT and expand the automation possibilities of your Oct8ne bot with the artificial intelligence of open AI.

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Messaging: One-Click integration

Offer visual support also on your messaging channels with One-Click integration, and manage all help requests from a single control panel. Attend with human agents or with the chatbot, configuring it on WhatsAPP, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, and display products and services also on the most used messaging apps.

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Benefits of Oct8ne

Thanks to the experience provided by our software, you’ll convert your customer service into a sales team who will be able to give personalized advice
to each customer by showing them the products that best align with what they are looking for.
Bring the online experience closer to that of a physical store and break the visual barrier!

BOOST SALES UP TO 30% with Oct8ne's chatbot & live chat

Boost sales up to 30%

Showing products visually strengthens the decision to make a purchase and you can increase conversion by up to 30%

REDUCE CART ABANDONMENT TO 33% with oct8ne 's live chat & chatbot

Reduce cart abandonment to 33%

80% of users do not complete the purchasing process. With Oct8ne you can reduce cart abandonment up to 33%

INCREASE RETURN UP TO 20% with oct8ne 's live chat & chatbot

Increase return up to 20%

70% of customers revisit the website within a month. The conversion rate of these returns reaches up to 20%

Integrating Oct8ne is very easy

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