Interact with your customers in real time
Help your customers by showing them images and videos of your products using the coviewer to help them along in the decision making process.

Livechat + Phone Pin

Improve the experience and your relationship with your customers through chat and the phone. Ask questions, talk, and make suggestions.


The agents and the customers share a window where they can view images or videos in real time and interact throughout the entire shopping process.


Automatically add your personalized products catalog and show it to your clients based on their questions.

Sales Engagement

Increase your sales thanks to all the interaction tools Oct8ne provides: telephone link, viewing history, triggers, search engine.

Get ready for your customers!

Don’t wait for your visitors. We will let you know when they need your attention, and advise you when to initiate contact while they are browsing your store.

How many times have your customers explained what they were looking for but you didn’t understand them? Oct8ne is the first Sales Suite that converts customer service into a powerful sales tool.

More sales

15% of users that request information through Oct8ne end up buying in the first visit

Less cart abandonment

Almost 80% of users don’t finish their purchases; Oct8ne reduces it to 33%

More loyalty

70% of clients return to the page within a month

Major companies trust Oct8ne to increase their sales

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