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Oct8ne is Livechat, Chatbot and visual messaging on a single platform.

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Live Chat Oct8ne

The only livechat with visual support

Browse the product history viewed by the customer

Show in real-time images and videos of products and services

✔ Video call the customer

Apply up-selling and cross-selling techniques

Know and understand your customers, so you can offer what they really need

✔ Provide advice and ultra-personalized attention

✔ Increase your business sales

Generate trust among your customers and increase user return

Understand purchasing patterns and personal preferences

Oct8ne triggers eng
Oct8ne livechat headphones

All purchases need a little push

✔ Target your traffic and automatically spot leads

✔ Send automatic messages to engage with your clients

Choose when you want to communicate with your potentials customers

Integrating Oct8ne is very easy

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