Prestashop compatiblity & integrations

Discover the most powerful live chat and chatbot for Prestashop. With Oct8ne, you can increase your conversion rate by up to 30%.

Download the plugin and activate your account with the Oct8ne username and password.

1. Create your Oct8ne account

Register in Oct8ne and create your user account.

2. Download the Prestashop plugin

Download the plugin for free from our website or install it from the Prestashop marketplace. Activate your Oct8ne account with your username and password. When you have installed the plugin, Oct8ne will appear on your website and you can immediately access your product catalog.

We recommend you to install the Oct8ne plugin on your platform. But you can also do it through our script code.

1. Copy the code

Register on our page to create your account and access the control panel. You will see the code in the pop-up window. If you have chosen this option, you can always find it in Management> Installation> Active domains> Code. Remember to choose the language in which you want to view the chat before copying the script.

2. Paste the code in your footer

Paste the code in the footer of your page.

If your Prestashop does not allow it, we recommend that you download the HTML-BOX module. Add it to your platform. When installed, go to Modules> HTMLbox> Configure and paste the Oct8ne code into the footer of the HTMLbox editor.

Integrating Oct8ne is very easy

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