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How to automate and personalize the sale of insurance online

The online sale of insurance has its main market in the United States, with a turnover of 150 million euros. In Spain we still do not reach these figures, but it is a growing business model.

IATI is an insurance brokerage created by the Calzado family that, since 1885, has been dedicated to this sector for four generations, when trips were only made by boat. The company opted for a digital transformation of a traditional business, but without losing its essence: “We like to think that we are a company with a soul.” For this reason, it differentiates itself from the competition by continuously investing in the training of its employees and focusing on new technologies.

Now that they are a benchmark in the online sale of travel insurance – and a champion of responsible tourism – they have a very clear main objective: to continue to be close to their clients to offer them personalized attention. “Although we now sell many of our insurances online, behind us there is a great team of people at the service of the user, giving a professional and personal service,” explains Nuria Reol, head of Organization and Development in the company.

The difficulty of selling insurance online is “the absence of verbal and body language” and sometimes “technicalities make it more difficult to explain the coverage”. But the immediacy that they achieve through our chat and communication with a close tone, together with a transparent and simple website, have been the keys to success.

IATI uses Oct8ne and it has become another of our success stories; this business challenge is to sell a ‘non physical product’, however, they have tripled the sessions and doubled the income through this channel. This company has shown that, despite selling something intangible such as insurance, being able to visually capture users and explain the advantages of each product in a personalized way, has allowed them to increase sales.

IATI has increased direct management with a growth of over 25% in addition to increasing CRO

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In addition, in its eagerness to evolve and with the aim that its customers have quality service at all times, it has undertaken a chat automation project.

They have gone from attending 100% with their agents to offering a 24/7 service through the chatbot, the client always has the option of speaking with the IATI team during business hours, which has been a challenge, as they explain.

“The development of new technologies, international expansion, and the modernization of our service channels under a unique model that allows sustained and positive growth are strategic axes at IATI. And using Oct8ne allows us to work with this approach. “

Automation as a strategy for sustained growth

In the insurance sector, users always compare prices looking for the cheapest product with the maximum coverage, although sometimes it is difficult to find out properly what each one offers.

“The clients are not familiar, they have doubts about the activation or the cancellation conditions; that is why for IATI, success is to explain the products and their differences very well and advise the best option, either through an agent or through the chatbot ”.

With the Oct8ne chatbot, IATI has captured customer concerns in a tree structure thanks to prior knowledge and study of needs. It has been replicated in the four languages of the web in a very agile way and the flow has been adapted according to the main needs, an important aspect also in the development of a sustainable model for IATI.

In addition, the flexibility of our tool has been key during the pandemic period, being able to channel requests in a massive way and give the best service and attention to all its customers.

This operation is accompanied by a good strategy of triggers to highlight important information for the client and be able to guide them in their doubts, advice or purchase. “With Oct8ne we can provide more personalized, fast and effective attention because we effortlessly identify what each client needs and we give better answers because we know in advance what insurance they are going to ask us about.

In addition, thanks to the coviewer they have been able to show their products in a very simple way without the need to copy/pasting links to each article on their website.

At IATI, the chat has established itself as a 24/7 online service channel, being the first according to statistics. In this sector, travel insurance, the purchasing process is not linear but even so, the growth has been significant, increases of over 25% of sessions in direct management and the overall conversion also greatly improved.

Offer help, discounts and promotions

IATI has also established a series of triggers that make it stand out as a success story: using them not only to offer help but to provide information on discounts and promotions.

Both from the chat window and as a pop-up, the user can find banners and links with all the promotional codes or the best offers to reinforce their purchase decision. This solution has been applied to travel insurance for new products and expanded coverage, and also to life insurance that IATI sells online and its effectiveness has been proven, doubling activity and interest.

The future of customer service must be viewed as a great user experience – that’s the goal. “Our company knows that the user must be able to buy a product in the most comfortable, fast and simple way possible. And for that, it is necessary to have an effective customer service ”.

Like IATI, other e-commerce have seen their sales grow after going through the Oct8ne visual experience, if you want to read our e-book, you can download it here for free!

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