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Miroytengo is a specialized home furniture store with a large stock of low-priced merchandise with good value for money. Proud of its Trustpilot review score , the company has clear objectives: to provide personalized customer service on very affordable products with lightning-fast shipping in one to three days.

Míriam Lafuente and Rubén Martínez, CEOs of the company, tell us that although they take various actions to attract customers, they seek to retain them. “We are transparent with our users; we take great care of them from the moment they learn about our brand until they receive our furniture. We take it very seriously; we seek to take care of our online reputation”.

Anyone who has bought a piece of furniture in an online store, knows the questions that come up when we find the product we need or that we like: the measurements that we check over and over again, the fear that the color is different or we made a mistake on the model when trying to create a set.

5% of conversions in 2020 occurred after the user connected with the chat

“At Miroytengo we offer the fundamental aspects to stage a home. We answer questions, both in pre-sale and post-sale, but it is true that the pre-sale queries stand out.

Communication through livechat is great because, when customers express their doubts, they can continue browsing the web and take their time until coming to a purchasing decision. If the consultations were over the phone, for example, there would be a lot of pauses / silence.”


Oct8ne’s influence on the Miroytengo customer experience

Using livechat communication to sell furniture has been very effective: “Our company wanted to be able to immediately attend the customer profile that prefers not to make a phone call or wait for an e-mail response. And, clearly, we’re succeeding. We’ve served many clients through chat and have helped customers who couldn’t find a product by being able to add it directly to their cart”.

The Miroytengo website, with an average of thirteen thousand daily visits, has served almost 5000 clients with 99% effectiveness in the first quarter of the year. This has resulted in a 4.41% conversion through the livechat channel alone, thanks to agents showing an average of two products in the coviewer each session, which brings the average cart value to 250€.

The average value of the order is higher than the average from the website, which tells us that assuring the customer and answering their questions will lead to them making purchases of greater amounts”; explains the company.

In addition to these results, Miroytengo works with Oct8ne because the tool has been evolving and improving. “We can’t forget the good reputation, and we’ve had customer support whenever we’ve needed it.”

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A strategy combining livechat and a chatbot

Miroytengo has also started using customer service automation to improve agents’ workflow. Of all the inquiries from January to March 2021, the chatbot has attended 71% of the customers, solving their issues in three minutes, while 28% have been referred to an agent, whose average conversation time is ten minutes. In that time, they proactively recommend products and help increase cart value.

“Using the well-configured, no-code chatbot has been able to reduce the time spent answering the questions.”


Furthermore, the bot is streamlined from the first question to know your situation (if you’re going to place a new order or if you’ve already made a purchase) and to segment the type of help you need. “The pre-sale and post-sale have very different queries, which is why we try to lead you to your solution as soon as possible.”

A hybrid strategy using personalized attention through livechat and automated assistance with the chatbot allows the company to keep growing. A success story in customer service “with a monthly cost that quickly pays for itself, after configuration.”

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