Decántalo’s success story

Decántalo is an e-commerce specialized in Spanish and international wines and, through their online store, have created a space for the entire wine industry: wineries, sommeliers and consumers.
Always attentive to new trends, Decántalo has sought since its first days, to offer a unique and personalized customer service through Oct8ne’s live chat.
In a second step, to offer the same attention during after-hours, they complemented the customer support service with a 24/7 active chatbot and, following the latest technologies, they have implemented the integration with GPT chat that Oct8ne has launched at the beginning of 2023.
“One of the main difficulties of selling any product online, and especially if we are talking about the food sector, is the barrier that exists between the buyer and the seller”.
“In our case, we have a wide range of products with different characteristics, sometimes unknown to the consumer,” says Hector Pla, co-founder of the company.
“We can talk about different grape varieties, types of terrain, altitudes, ways of crafting and aging… it is a whole world. That’s why it is so important to try to cover all the customer’s doubts,” he adds.
The Decántalo team has wine experts who can solve any kind of doubt about their products. In fact, we can say that they have an online sommelier thanks to the kind of proactive and visual attention they offer with Oct8ne.

Decántalo Chatbot Oct8ne x ChatGPT

The results of visual customer service

Decántalo increases its CRO to 20% by proactively and visually recommending its wines

Hector explains that “the consumer experience is very rewarding. If we put ourselves in a customer’s shoes who doesn’t have great knowledge of oenology, we understand that it can be extremely frustrating having a huge catalog and not knowing what to decide. Having an expert accompany them is essential”.
“With visual customer service, everything is much easier than with a traditional live chat. We offer a more complete and enjoyable experience: it’s important that the customer feels accompanied throughout the process and, as we mentioned before, our type of customer really needs it”.
Decántalo’s data confirm this. In a period of three months, using our visual customer service tool, their conversion rate has grown to 20.15% if there’s an agent available to give advice and show products to customers.
The Decántalo team is very clear that visual support not only improves the customer experience. That this new way of serving customers has improved their conversion rates: “when a customer talks to one of our experts, we are much more likely to end up making a purchase”.
Another very interesting statistic for this e-commerce is the increase in purchases made directly from the chat: “The fact that you can add products to the cart is a key feature: it’s a step that you save the customer in a key moment.” Of all the customers that we’ve attended and who’ve added products with the Add to cart button, 30% have ended up making a purchase.
How does having a great shopping experience impact customers? For Decántalo, it’s undoubtedly reflected in loyalty: “If we’re able to resolve questions and complete the entire cycle in a way that satisfies the customer, it’s very possible that they will return”. In fact, they’ve calculated that they convert 12.28% of customers that return to their store a second time.
“We often receive emails from customers we’ve made a recommendation to and once they’ve tasted the wine, they write to thank us. Imagine we’re talking about a wedding: the couple doesn’t have to be wine experts but they want to serve the best on such a special day. Giving a good recommendation and doing it as intimately as possible is especially important.”

A bot to offer a personalized shopping experience: Oct8ne + GPT chat integration

When Decántalo made the decision to implement Oct8ne on its website -several years ago-, it did so with objectives that later, with the passing of time and the advance of technology, were transformed with the idea of offering the same personalized attention but 24/7. That is why they set up Tempranillo, the robot that is currently active 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, on their website.
But the changes did not end there, because this ecommerce bets and trusts in Oct8ne to continue offering a quality service; in this case recently adding the integration with GPT chat.
Why? Because as Héctor Pla explains, the store has many items and, in addition, many potential customers do not know what wine to buy because it is a complex market, which requires attention and help from an expert. This implementation provides benefits for both the company and the customers, who can ask questions of all kinds and have a conversation as fluid with Tempranillo as if it were a human agent.
In terms of benefits for the company, they were able to free agents from answering repetitive questions, allowing them to spend their time on boosting sales.
Going deeper into this topic, the agents’ workload has dropped dramatically: from 100 chats attended per day, per agent, to only 20, because the rest are answered by the bot together with Chat GPT.
On the other hand, Hector explains that Decantalo has its website in five languages, and thanks to the integration with Chat GPT it is possible to have a multi-language very fast. You can immediately have the translation without a lot of effort. In addition to this, from the marketing teams, it allows them to give knowledge to the bot, so that it can give it to the users. For example: the launch of a specific promotion is now much more agile, because instead of having to train the whole team so that they can transmit the offer to their customers, by just adding a few lines of code, the launch is done.
Now, you are probably wondering if being attended by a bot with artificial intelligence is something strange for the users of an online store. Well, the answer is NO!
Hector explains that they see, even positively, to announce to the customer that they are talking to a bot and as much as they had doubts at the beginning, actually today they see that if the customer knows that they are talking to a bot, they don’t care. In addition, there is always the possibility of transferring the conversation to the agent, but the percentage that ends up asking to be transferred is actually very small thanks to the bot’s help.

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