Vtex compatiblity & integrations


Oct8ne integrates with Vtex through our script code.

1. Create your Oct8ne account

Register in Oct8ne and create your user account.

2. Create your Appkey y Apptoken in Vtex

Enter the VTEX control panel and generate an appKey and an appToken to authenticate the integrations. In this link you will find more information. Send an email to support@oct8ne.com with the credentials you just generated and our team will contact you back.

3. Paste the code in Vtex

We will send you a custom code to integrate into your Vtex template. Then paste the script just before the tag of your template. Do not forget that in order for Oct8ne to be visible in the final purchase process of your clients, you will have to paste the code on the checkout page.

If you have any questions about how to do the integration, please contact our technical team at support@oct8ne.com.

Integrating Oct8ne is very easy

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