Success Stories: Autovivo

From the shop, to the dealer and online sales. Grup T automoció has been working in the motor sector for more than 55 years, repairing and selling new and second hand vehicles.

During the month of June, they began to use Oct8ne with the aim of increasing leads generation and the conversion of Autovivo, a website for buying and selling with a reduced activity – with an average of 250 monthly visits – and in which they want to see growth.

Miguel Morales, CEO of Motor Assistant – a company specialized in customer service in the motor sector that manages Autovivo- explains that “even though it is a website with low traffic, the results are very good: the lead conversion rate is 32.6% “.

In addition, in this first period, they have also managed to give 100% of the assistance: “There are no lost chats, all our clients have been attended with an average response time of 12 seconds,” he says.

“The standard for other contact centers is more than one minute, but at Autovivo we consider that in a chat service that is focused on relationship marketing and obtaining leads, speed of service is especially important.”

Autovivo increases to 32% its conversion rate within the first month of use


The key to success: a good trigger strategy

According to data from Forbes magazine, in a study on customer behavior in 2018, 57% of users who buy from e-commerce do so while they are at the office.

In fact, Autovivo has verified that the chat activity has been exclusively on working days, “and in several conversations, users have commented that they were in their work environment”.

And the fact is that the online purchase process of high-value products, such as a vehicle, involves a time of searching for information, comparing prices, and maturing the decision. Therefore, inviting the user to establish a conversation is a really important factor to improve, not only the conversion but also the ROI.

We have already talked several times about how to implement a good trigger strategy. Defining your algorithms significantly increases sales because they get you to anticipate the doubts of your customers so that they do not abandon the cart.

The case of Autovivo is an example of how segmenting your potential customers helps to create engagement: 79% of the chats received have been given through a trigger.

Within any marketing strategy to increase conversions, advertising campaigns are optimized to bring traffic to the web. But, Oct8ne also facilitates the customization of the customer experience.

Once the traffic has been segmented and potential customers detected, the triggers can be triggered with a message adapted to the different customer behaviors.

In this way, the customer care staff will not only have impacted the customer by offering help, but will also know what kind of information or advice they need before the user even explains it to them.

Your customer service will know what type of trigger has been triggered based on the personalized message that the customer has received. If, for example, a visitor has consulted several minivan cars, the trigger message can ask directly if you need advice on which vehicle has more seats or is more spacious.

In addition, as Oct8ne records each user’s browsing to create a history of items viewed, products they liked or those that have been added to the shopping cart -in addition to showing which page they are on at any time- the staff customer service will be able to offer their help in a much more concrete way.

How to keep improving with Oct8ne

The average conversion of any online business is between 15 and 18%. But Autovivo, which has already verified that during its first month of use it has achieved a lead conversion rate of over 30%, has other ideas in mind.

“We want to make the chat activity even more dynamic by firing a personalized message on the sales landing to guide the user through the process.”

After this good experience with predictive algorithms, the company considers establishing pop-ups that activate the chat if the user has been interested in the content to create greater impact and create proactive landing pages to promote specific vehicles or ranges.

“We plan to create personalized messages or pop-ups that include a Call to Action to link it to the chat and enhance interactivity with the user.”

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