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Who hasn’t heard of cryptocurrencies and stocks by now? Every day we find more people around us interested in cryptocurrency investment, which is why there are professional schools for traders like the Novatos Trading Club that are covering this need: training future traders.

Like Bitcoin, this school started in 2008 as a simple blog. But three years later, it was already winning the award for the best finance blog in Bolsalia, a path that opened the way for them and has allowed them to solidify as a great community.

Being an innovative company like a Professional Trading School not only implies being that way in the sector, but also knowing how to detect opportunities and stand out at different levels. That’s why they have an interesting way of using our conversational chatbot.

The Professional Trading School has turned Oct8ne’s chatbot into a financial calculator


The beginning

The team of experts from Novatos Trading Club is in charge of training and accompanying the students. In fact, the first human contact with the school is a personal interview where users are put in contact with students, so it’s important to have your time well focused.

As such, their initial reasoning to automate customer service was to decrease the number of emails and WhatsApp messages. “We have a lot of inquiries,” explains Ismael Albalá, a trader at the school.

“Our website has a lot of traffic and we wanted the chatbot to give an immediate response, so users didn’t send an e-mail. It’s a more direct way of serving the customer and we’re also generating leads”.

96% of queries get started thanks to the triggers’ interaction

The set up

Of all the visits, there is a lot of traffic that reaches the blog. “So when a person is reading an article about cryptocurrencies, the bot kicks in and informs them of the courses we have.”

The Professional Trading School has created a trigger that launches to users in the first three seconds of browsing, which has led to the start of 96% of consultations. The chatbot also offers customers different content during the conversation so they can receive it in their e-mail, which, by doing so, gets one out of every ten queries to generate a lead.

“The bot appears on the most visited article and landing pages on the website. We wait for the person to at least read the headline to see what the page is about, and then the bot appears so they know we can help them at any time. We look to get the user’s attention so they leave us their contact information and we can put them on a value ladder.

novatos trading club

We work to show critical information. The chatbot greets the customer with a catchy phrase to redirect the user to the page we’re interested in from the interaction with multi-response options.

The chatbot also asks the user if they’re available during the week for training, since this is essential from our standpoint. If they are, we show them the information for the course in the coviewer so they can see the phases they’ll go through during the training.

Additionally, thanks to the Analytics tags and events included in the bot flow, we can see which courses students are most interested in, in how many sessions they prefer to talk to an expert or where we generate qualified leads. The statistics are great”.

The challenge

According to a study done by Deloitte, implementing technological tools like chatbots boosts customer satisfaction over 80% and builds closer relationships.

This is why chatbots are becoming an essential part of companies, especially when it comes to customer service. But you do have to use human imagination to get the most out of chatbos and make them really powerful.

“They had a great idea from Oct8ne: turn the chatbot into a financial calculator to help users calculate the number of shares to buy for each investment,” explains the trader.

“It’s perfect, the user spends more time on the page, we keep their attention and we add value so that they feel like they’re already part of this. It’s great that the user doesn’t have to leave the page to know how many shares he should buy, and nobody does this. It’s true that right now we’ve focused the chatbot-calculator on organic users, but it’s a great tool to offer to students as well”.

novatos trading club web

The experience

How did a conversational chatbot turn into a financial calculator? By using variables. “The main idea was to connect the chatbot with an external financial calculator API, but it wasn’t easy to find one, so we programmed the variables in each module”, Ismael explains.

The Oct8ne chatbot is very easy to set up, it’s no-code and any user can create their own conversations. But it also has advanced functions that, in this case, needed technical knowledge to develop.

“Variables allow us to perform many functions and the Oct8ne team has been with us the whole time, which is why we went with your service.

When we considered installing a chatbot, we contacted several companies, but you were the only ones who contacted us the right way: you called us, you gave us a demo and you offered us training, accompaniment and support during development. You do a real follow-up with the client just like we do in our school”.

And what about you? Still haven’t seen our chatbot? 😉

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