Success Stories: A-Z Barbecue & Gourmet Party Service

A-Z Barbecue & Gourmet Party Service guarantees the complete barbecue & gourmet experience for groups of at least 4 people and delivers its barbecue & gourmet packages in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Since last year, A-Z has also expanded its delivery area to Germany.

In addition to the private market, they often work with various large and small holiday parks in these three countries. That is why it was decided to provide everything from one fixed location. This means that the entire production process, transport matters and customer service are housed under one roof.

Over the years, A-Z has grown into a true e-commerce company.  85% of their orders are ordered via the webshop and 15% are ordered by telephone via customer service.

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From hobby to business

A-Z Barbecue & Gourmet Party Service has its origins in a hobby of founder and current owner Jack Willems that got out of hand. Jack’s strong will to determine the size of his own steak made him decide to take butcher training after high school. During the day exploring the area in various traditional butcher shops and in the evening dreaming away from a good piece of meat. For Jack the ideal way to the knowledge and skills that the craft of a butcher simply requires.

After Jack successfully provided several barbecues on request, the growing demand did not go unnoticed; a hidden talent came to life. The tradesman in him knocked on the door and taught him that a combination of his skills as a butcher, together with his commercial spirit and a large dose of creativity (dishwashing service so customers don’t have to do anything) and daring, could make the world a lot bigger. The growth of the company was an irreversible fact.

Reasons to use live chat and chatbot from Oct8ne

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Before Oct8ne was installed, A-Z Barbecue used the phone as its primary means of communication.

Mainly frequently asked questions about menu options, baking trays, gourmet set and menu content. The kind of questions that don’t really require the intervention of a live agent.

They were looking for a solution to advise online customers by sharing images of their products. This created the need to implement live chat with visual support that can help employees to show and advise the right product.

And a chatbot that is also capable of sharing images.

Do you recommend Oct8ne? Why?

Oct8ne perfectly met the wishes we had with regard to the design of the chat functions. These were bringing promotions to the attention of customers. As well as answering easy customer questions through a chatbot without compromising the quality of our service.

Start-up was quite easy. Since the entire knowledge of the adjustment was not in-house at A-Z, we were perfectly helped by the specialists of Oct8ne. Two short meetings were enough to make our wishes known to Oct8ne. They then professionally converted this into reality. The aftercare also surprised us enormously. After setting up, no question was too much. We were helped quickly and clearly in this, where necessary we were provided with advice and options that we had not yet thought of ourselves.

Oct8ne is the only chat with visual support and integrated catalog that covers all shows customer questions in one dashboard. The best customer service can be provided without a dedicated team having to be present at the chat all day due to the flexible alternation between chatbot and live chat.

The catalog integration in the chatbot allows the customer to see a selection of products directly in the chat window, without having to open multiple links.

To make it even more visually strong, has decided to also offer their customers videos of their articles. The customer only has to go through a selection of multiple answers to find the desired product.

How hard can it be to implement such a complete chatbot? The chatbot requires no technical knowledge, in fact it has a very easy drag & drop configuration where you just add modules and fill them with your stream of questions and multiple answers. And if you need help with the implementation, Oct8ne will take care of it!

Let’s see how it works in practice:

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