Success Stories: Drim

Born in Barcelona in 1972, Drim is a retail chain specializing in toys, child-rearing, hobbies, and roboticsIt has more than 90 physical stores throughout Catalonia and an online store in Spain, Portugal, and France.

Though customers usually know what they want before entering a store in this industry, it’s important that they receive assistance throughout the entire purchasing process. Drim is aware of this necessity and offers personalized attention in all its stores (regardless of structure) that allows customers to get what they’re looking for.

Furthermore, it offers a bonus for online customers: 24/7 service thanks to the chatbot Drim has implemented on their website and their company WhatsApp. 

Benefits of using a visual chatbot

Drim decided to implement the chatbot on their website and on WhatsApp with the goals of automating the workflow of their team, expanding their communication channels and cutting down on response time. It’s difficult to cover customer service 24 hours a day using only human resources, so using the chatbot allows the client to receive an immediate response, whatever the time of day. This prevents the customer from leaving for another e-commerce where they can get their questions answered, and from abandoning the purchasing process altogether.

To increase the conversion rate, we need to offer impeccable human customer service through chat and WhatsApp and combine that with a chatbot capable of effectively responding to frequently asked questions (order status, tracking number, etc.) every day of the year at all hours.

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Yet you ask yourself, “A chatbot that integrates with the catalog and the e-commerce backoffice that can access the order status has to be difficult to configure, right?”

Well, the answer’s no! We now have so much technology suitable for any user profile, that it’s no longer complicated. At Oct8ne we like to make your life easy, which is why our chatbot is designed, in a way that someone with no technical knowledge can install it and adapt it to their company’s needs quickly and intuitively.

Thanks to the drag & drop module system, you can customize your bot 100% based on the questions you want to automate. This will save agents time and allow them to attend to valuable conversations that end in a sale and, if customers need human attention at any point, the bot automatically transfers them to an agent.

In addition to offering instant responses and 24/7 service, implementing a bot with visual support in your store lets you automate tasks, reduce cart abandonment, generate more sales, and increase customer satisfaction. Thanks to the product recommendation option, you’ll be able to offer a level of personalized attention at all times that rivals that of a human agent.

Technical functioning

Oct8ne’s bot configuration is made up of modules that connect using a drag & drop system, allowing you to create it in no time. Once the structure is done, the bot can be copied for both web use and use on social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, since they are all integrated with the catalog. This means customers can be attended on all platforms, from a single control panel with the visual support that is characteristic of Oct8ne. Control is also centralized at the statistical and user levels, since Oct8ne collects detailed information from the various communication channels.

Below we’ll explain step by step how we created the product search module for the Drim bot:

We’ll enter the control panel and start adding modules with questions we think necessary to help our customers when we’re not connected. At the end, we’ll add:

1- the search option module in the catalog on the client’s side

2- the open-ended question module so that the customer can write the name of the product

Depending on the text, the bot will search the catalog based on the product’s metadata. If the product searched for is in the catalog, it’ll show it or 5 of the closest matching options. Alternatively, if the product is not found, the bot transfers the customer so an agent can suggest something that meets their needs, or give them the opportunity to search again.



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