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Pompeii was born from an original idea by four university friends who put their all into creating a company that would allow them to build a future as entrepreneurs. They started their business with the concept of traveling shops; the founders themselves traveled to markets throughout Spain on weekends in their van selling shoes they had designed.

The sales at markets, which they promoted on social networks, were very successful and they soon decided to jump online with the help of a programmer friend who set up their first website. They kept the concept of active sales only on weekends but this business model did not garner trust among users, which is why they decided to switch to the Shopify platform where the Add to Cart button is always available.

Thanks to its unique products and caring strategy from the outset, Pompeii’s customer service began to consolidate the brand as a national sports shoe company.

«We know that the return policy is something that the client is concerned about and how we apply the zero-frustration principle …»

pompei caso

But how do you approach customer service to make it so efficient?

They always try to make the information clear so the experience isn’t frustrating and all answers are available so the purchasing process is smooth and easy.

“We’ve had a very loyal customer base, ever since we started. Customer service was given a lot of importance; in fact, our customer service is called Happiness. We try to give the customer the shopping experience they deserve and we have to be at the height of the product they’re buying.
The startup started online and when the first physical store opened, the same principle of customer happiness was applied to retail.”

“Pompeii has had Happiness in its veins from the start,” says Sara Corbacho, head of the customer service department. She continues, “We take great care of the post-purchase experience with a very flexible return policy. We know that the exchange policy is something that the client worries about so we apply the zero-frustration principle by giving our clients a year to exchange or return items without any additional expense. We want our Pompeii customers to keep a product because they’re happy with it, not because we’ve forced them to do so.”

Where are the obstacles and what sales policies are implemented?

“We use triggers in the form of a callout because they’re non-invasive and respect our idea of clean browsing. We use them to let the customer know when we have few pieces of an item in stock so they don’t miss out and don’t worry about it further. For Black Friday, we used a personalized trigger that showed the favorite models of each person in the company. We’ve also been able to apply cross-selling techniques with complete outfit triggers recommended by each person on the team, something personalized that makes the interaction with our client more human, without being invasive.”

Sara tells us that the factors that slow down the purchasing process are mainly doubts regarding the actual color of the shoes, which they solve by showing more photos of the product. Other questions come up regarding what they’re made of, the size and how to care for the shoes. For these questions, they dedicate an average of ten minutes in each chat session. In addition, being able to see the products viewed by the client lets them quickly identify the customers’ tastes and they can recommend appropriate products. Suggesting products and offering personalized advice makes the customer feel understood and they leave happy because the shopping experience has been smooth and easy, just like it would have been in a store with a salesclerk.

Why did you choose Oct8ne? What has it brought you and what do you appreciate from Oct8ne?

«I wasn’t here when the software was contracted so I don’t know why we did but I certainly know why we’ve kept it. The exceptional treatment Oct8ne offers; they advise us on new features so we can get the most out of the tool and they answer our questions, resolve doubts and offer support in no time”.


Of the total number of customers served through Oct8ne during the last 3 months, 57% returned to the website within a few days of being served. . And 43% of users attended by chat were shown a product and 10% bought it in the same session.

And why did you decide to activate the bot?

“To get to where we can’t reach and offer the kind of happiness experience to the client outside of our business hours. We keep the bot on during our non-working hours and it helps us a lot.

Every day I review the questions that customers have for the bot and how users behave with it and it’s really helping us a lot. A recurring pre-purchase topic is size and we’ve configured Emilio, our wonderful bot, to tell the customer the size depending on the model.

In the last two months, the bot has answered 66% of the queries, of which 7.3% have come in thanks to the non-invasive trigger strategy that Pompeii has implemented.”

Pompeii live chat & chatbot from Oct8ne

How was the experience setting up the bot?

“When they told me to program a bot,” Sara tells us, “I thought it was going to be difficult and I was against the idea of using one because my experience as a customer with bots had been, in general, frustrating.”

“It was actually super easy. When they told me I could program it myself, the first thing I did was to look at the customers’ common questions to get ahead of their queries with the bot. We’ve created several modules to guide customers with everything they may need to complete their purchase: size guide, exchange policy and return forms. There’s another module for customers who haven’t found what they wanted; we can give them suggestions. Another module tracks the orders.

The latter, which was done by integrating with the Shopify platform, allows the store to automatically answer this query, which represents 10% of Pompeii’s frequently asked questions.

“We believe that customer loyalty is the best voice you have to gain notoriety and build trust in the brand. No influencer can promote you better than a customer who enjoyed the shopping experience you offered”.

Why did you decide to use the bot with WhatsApp?

Working remotely, when the person who had the company’s WhatsApp went on vacation, we would miss messages or they would stay in transit for a day and we always had to pay attention to the cellphone’s battery, etc, to be able to respond quickly to the client and implement the bot on WhatsApp. We can now streamline these messages because any agent can view the conversations from the same chat panel.

The ease with which anyone connected could answer the message in a second without having to look at how much battery their phone had seemed very practical.

“We show the customer photos of the product through the coviewer, that is, if they want to see other photos of the product to see the color. We take a photo from our office and send it to them in real-time.”

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