Stikets is transforming the customer experience with Stiky, its Oct8ne chatbot with integrated AI

Origin of the idea:

The idea to implement Oct8ne with Chat GPT on Stikets’ online store arose from the need to enhance the customer experience, especially in terms of response time. By identifying key communication channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram/Facebook Messenger, and the web chatbot, they decided to implement a bot with integrated artificial intelligence (AI) to provide quick and efficient responses to customer inquiries.

Bot configuration process:

The configuration of the Oct8ne bot is done through a straightforward process, and in this particular case, it was very simple. Alessio Scotto, Customer Experience Manager at Stikets, explains that with the help of the Oct8ne team, the implementation was almost a plug-and-play:“They collected existing information from our old chatbot and our website’s help center, and then took care of designing the bot,” adding, “the key was to adjust the prompt so that the AI could provide quick responses without compromising quality.”

To understand what we mean by configuring an AI chatbot, we interviewed Federico Evrard, Oct8ne’s Commercial Director, who clarified:“Basically, it’s telling it how it should act, how it should attend, what tone of communication it should use, whether it should use emoticons or not, what are the tasks that require the intervention of an agent.”

Customer feedback:

Customer feedback from interactions with Stiky has been very positive. A key success indicator is when customers end the conversation by thanking the bot, suggesting that the interaction was so natural that the customer didn’t perceive they were talking to AI. “This kind of feedback indicates that Stikets and Oct8ne have succeeded in providing a satisfactory and effective service.” – says Alessio.

Query management before Bot implementation:

Before implementing the bot, Stikets managed over 100,000 annual contacts, mainly through human channels. However, with the introduction of AI, they have efficiently filtered queries, allowing agents to focus on more strategic and value-added tasks.

Resolution of queries through Oct8ne’s AI chatbot

The Stikets chatbot, developed with Oct8ne, resolves over 60% of customer queries. This robot is designed to address pre-sale and post-sale questions, focusing on providing detailed answers about products and processes. From return policies to shipping costs, the chatbot is configured to address all phases of the purchasing process, ensuring a comprehensive customer experience.

“We know that the chatbot we’ve set up with Oct8ne, as of today, resolves more than 60% of queries. This means that 60% of customers who talk to the chatbot don’t need human interaction, and I’m sure these percentages will continue to improve. But it has to be said that currently, it answers 60% because we’ve decided that in specific cases, it should refer the query to the agent, so it really resolves more than 60%. I don’t have the exact data, but it could be 70/80% of queries,” confirms Alessio in the interview.

Automation and transfer to agents:

Stikets’ chatbot has achieved an impressive automation level of 70-75%. This means that the vast majority of conversations are autonomously managed by the robot, without the need for human intervention. The agent transfer strategy is implemented intelligently, allowing the chatbot to attempt to resolve queries before transferring them, improving efficiency and providing faster responses to users.

Main reasons for contacting Stiky:

Customers contact Stiky mainly for pre-sale and post-sale queries. Questions range from product doubts and customization to inquiries about order status. “In the summer, we send more than 8,000 orders every day. In those 8,000 daily orders, there are surely customers who contact you with questions about delivery, which are simple questions that the bot can manage without any problem, offering an immediate response. The bot provides a link where they can see the tracking and solves the doubts.”

Evolution and personality of Stiky:

The implementation of Stiky did not replace human resources but allowed Stikets to reallocate those resources to more strategic tasks. Now, agents can dedicate more time to complex cases, customer loyalty, and other activities that require human intervention.

Stikets has successfully transformed its customer service experience, providing quick and efficient responses through Stiky, its Oct8ne chatbot powered by open AI’s artificial intelligence. The combination of technologies has improved customer satisfaction and freed up human resources for more strategic tasks. With a customer-centric and innovative approach, Stikets is leading the way towards more efficient and personalized customer service in the online world.

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