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Patprimo has been in the fashion industry for more than 60 years. The store was launched in Barranquilla (Colombia) in 1957 when the founder, José Douer, started the business with a sewing machine. His vision and perseverance led to Patprimo’s position as one of the most recognized brands in the market, with more than 100 stores that have a wide range of products, all produced in Colombia.

His goal is to become the National Alternative Salesperson to local and international brands in the Secure Fashion sector and therefore be the Colombian brand that best combines Fashion and Textile Traditions.

This store has always wanted to emphasize its brand over the competition in its physical stores and couldn’t be left behind in the online world. As such, they are committed to offering the best quality customer service in their e-commerce as well, one that has more than 150,000 visits per month. To do so, they offer their customers assistance through four communication channels: email, telephone, WhatsApp and chat. The latter has both human agents and the conversational chatbot.

 “The coviewer is excellent, particularly thanks to the ‘products viewed’ tracking feature….”

How they use the coviewer and the conversational chatbot

“In the sales phase, the coviewer is excellent”, says Juan Camilo Torregrosa, head of customer service at Patprimo, “which is why the chat is the channel that the majority of sales are made through, between 50-60%. This is thanks in large part to the history of products seen feature, that lets us apply cross-selling and upselling techniques. I also love the features that the tool offers me, like being able to monitor how agents answer customers, see how many conversations we receive through Oct8ne, or if an advisor missed a chat, etc, all in real-time.”

Juan Camilo tells us that with the demand to automate his customer service team, Oct8ne combined with WhatsApp is the most-used communication channel by his website’s users.

“We are very happy with our bot, Juan; the fact that he’s so intelligent allows us to automate more and more things. He attends the largest number of contacts every month, his responses are great so we don’t have clients contacting us again after they’ve finished a conversation with him. When the bot gives a final solution, the customer is satisfied and leaves happy.” 

In addition to streamlining and automating processes, this allows the customer service team to mitigate contacts to consultants and dedicate their time to valuable conversations that need human agents. 

Customer service is of great importance to Patprimo and their dedication to this is reflected in the level of customer service that rarely falls below 95%.

covisor patprimo

What they’ve achieved with visual attention

“Oct8ne is an important tool for us because it facilitates management for the consultant and our clients are very happy when writing to the bot. The bot attends100% of the queries and the agents almost always have a level of service greater than 90%, which is very good for our call center.” 

Juan Camilo also comments that they are clear about the advantage that Oct8ne offers, both with sales and after sales, “When the customer wants to make a purchase, Oct8ne offers our agents an excellent advantage: being able to see what the customer is looking for in real-time through the coviewer and allowing consultants to recommend products just like they were in a physical store, which also facilitates cross-selling. On the other hand, after the sale, the bot deals with all conversations related to returns, thus managing this process more quickly and without the intervention of human agents”.

Oct8ne has allowed him to streamline managing all frequently asked questions his clients usually ask, which are mainly questions related to the monthly or seasonal promotions that Patprimo offers. The fact that the customer asks these questions makes it clear that they’re loyal and they know how the brand works.

In our case, Juan Camilo explains, there are two drawbacks that make customers hesitate when buying fashion online. First is size, which leads to many returns; second is due to delivery times, which are sometimes incorrect.

“At Patprimo we need agility and the bot has allowed us to automate and streamline the entire process of frequently asked questions, which the team would’ve had to handle differently. Furthermore, we see that the bot always answers correctly and takes the client through the process and the client is always satisfied with the level of service they’ve received. We have never had complaints from the client and, as of right now, Juan is our best customer service agent, always attending 100% of his conversations. 

patprimo covisor hombre

Continuous improvement

The company is now also focusing on integrating Oct8ne with WhatsApp Business API to offer its customers an even broader level of service and allow Patprimo users to contact them from their favorite communication channels. It will also allow their team to manage all requests through the same tool. In January, the time when the most returns are generated, they attended 6,929 conversations with Oct8ne and Patprimo is the brand, among those that sell, that generates the most contacts with the company.

“WhatsApp and chat are the most used channels. I don’t have a bot as smart as Juan in WhatsApp and that means I generate more contacts on this channel.

This is why we want Oct8ne to have our WhatsApp as well, so that the consultant doesn’t get caught up and the customer can process transactions like returns through the WhatsApp bot easily without the consultant’s help.”

If you also have the goal of emphasizing your brand by offering an innovative and successful shopping experience that helps you retain customers and optimize your resources, we invite you to contact us so we can explain how to implement it in your business!

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