Connectif and Oct8ne revolutionize the real-time conversation experience for eCommerce

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Connectif, the only marketing automation platform with a Data First focus, and Oct8ne, the innovative chat with visual support that transforms customer service into a sales team, are pleased to announce their integration to enhance real-time interaction for eCommerce and take personalization to the next level.

This integration between Connectif and Oct8ne provides new opportunities for customers of both solutions to manage information collected in their store chats and impact their users with relevant actions on any channel, creating an ecosystem that redefines personalization and interaction with eCommerce customers.

Today, clients of both solutions have the ability to track when and how a user interacts with their chatbot, collect this information, and react automatically with relevant and hyper-personalized communications through the web, email, SMS and push notifications. They can also identify key moments in the customer journey, for example when a user is about to abandon their cart, so that the eCommerce can automate the opening of the chatbot, offering valuable customer support, along with a web pop-up featuring an incentive to encourage the completion of the purchase.

Connectif provides a dedicated Customer Data platform for eCommerce, enabling a holistic view of all customer actions in real-time, intelligent audience segmentation, workflow configuration for any strategy, and leveraging first-party data and AI for hyper-personalized communication. All of this without the need for a data scientist or technical assistance. Oct8ne, on the other hand, stands out as the only chat on the market with visual support and an integrated catalog, allowing the replication of the physical store experience online, facilitating direct communication between users and eCommerce, improving the customer experience, and increasing conversion possibilities.

The transformation of chatbots, from simple assistants to crucial tools in eCommerce, has been remarkable, especially when empowered by AI, as is the case with Oct8ne. This new synergy between Connectif and Oct8ne sets an unparalleled standard of personalization, enhancing the customer experience and conversion for eCommerce businesses leveraging both platforms to drive their success.

Andrea di Palma, CEO of Connectif, states: “This integration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the customer experience in eCommerce. Thanks to this alliance, we have successfully unified two fundamental aspects of the customer journey: content personalization and conversational commerce. Both paradigms contribute to providing the end user with a coherent and contextually relevant shopping experience, minimizing friction during the conversion process. We are committed to providing our clients with the most advanced tools to boost their marketing strategies and improve their online shopping experience. With this integration, we offer users the ability to access valuable data and launch personalized actions in real-time, creating a direct impact on customer retention, satisfaction, and profitability: we are confident that this collaboration will improve conversion rates by up to 30% for eCommerce businesses integrating both solutions.”

Marc Erra, CEO of Oct8ne, remarks: “It is a pleasure to announce the exciting collaboration between Oct8ne and Connectif! At Oct8ne, we have always been committed to excellence in customer service and providing innovative solutions to enhance the shopping experience. Our chat platform is an essential tool for companies looking to improve interaction with their customers and increase conversions. However, we know that communication doesn’t end with chat; that’s where Connectif comes in.

Connectif is a leader in marketing automation and an exceptional strategic partner. Oct8ne’s integration with Connectif allows us to offer real-time data collection providing valuable insights into customer behavior, facilitating informed decision making and continuous improvement of our strategies.

In short, the collaboration between Oct8ne and Connectif not only enhances the customer experience, but also drives efficiency and profitability in business operations. We are excited about the benefits this will bring to our customers and are committed to continuing to innovate to deliver exceptional solutions in the future.”

About Connectif

Connectif, the marketing automation platform with a Data First focus, empowers eCommerce marketers with the ability to track, analyze, and predict the intentions of all their users (both known and anonymous) in real-time. It allows for the automation of communication throughout the customer journey through hyper-personalized messages on each channel, enhancing the customer experience and standing out against the competition. With over 5 years of experience driving more than 1,800 eCommerce businesses in 15 markets, clients such as GAP, Acer, PC Componentes, and FarmaciasDirect have achieved results such as a 15% increase in Customer Lifetime Value, a 25% recovery of abandoned carts, a 28% increase in average ticket value, and the reactivation of 30% of inactive users. Discover more at

About Oct8ne

Oct8ne is the only chat (livechat, chatbot, and messaging) with visual support and an integrated catalog in the market, allowing real-time recommendations of products and services, revolutionizing how eCommerce interacts with its customers. Its robot, easily configurable through a no-code system of Drag & Drop modules, enables the generation of question and answer flows to provide 24/7 support and optimize eCommerce resources. Additionally, thanks to its integration with Chat GPT, it is possible to deliver an even more human and seamless experience. Oct8ne enables the delivery of a quality customer experience, resulting in user loyalty and increased sales. Request a demo to learn more:

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