Trends in The E-commerce Industry for 2024

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What trends will shape the ecommerce sector in 2024?

In this post, we will take a look at the immediate future of ecommerce from leading experts. We’ll dive into the trends that are just around the corner in 2024 as seen by several industry professionals.

Get to know the valuable insights and predictions that will give us an idea of what lies ahead in the world of digital commerce.

Join us on this tour of the trends that will shape Ecommerce in the year that has just begun!

Eva Sánchez - tendencias Ecommerce

Eva Sánchez – Scalapay

At Scalapay, we have identified two key trends that will set the tone in the e-commerce world in 2024: deferred payment (BNPL) and artificial intelligence (AI). These trends not only reflect the ongoing evolution of the industry, but also promise to transform customer experience and operational efficiency.

Deferred payment, in recent years, has become a key driver of e-commerce. The flexibility it offers, allowing consumers to split their payments into convenient installments, not only increases accessibility to products and services, but also optimizes conversion rates and average basket. In a world where having many options and flexibility is key, deferred payment will establish itself as a strategic ally to offer the best user experience and attract a wider audience.

In parallel, artificial intelligence is emerging as a more disruptive element. AI’s ability to analyze data, predict patterns and personalize recommendations will revolutionize the way and efficiency in which e-commerce interacts with its customers. 

By 2024, both deferred payment and AI will not only be strategic tools, but essential components for brands that want to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Paco Mojarro Tendencias Ecommerce

Paco Mojarro – Retail Rocket

By 2024, I think there will be several trends on the rise, but I highlight 3 of them: omnichannel, marketplaces and Retail Media.


Omni-channel will become a key pillar, with stronger integration between physical and virtual stores, offering a seamless shopping experience across platforms. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will become even more prominent, facilitating real-time personalization, from product recommendations to dynamic price optimization.


Marketplaces are expected to continue their rise as dominant players in ecommerce. Marketplaces are also expected to evolve toward greater personalization and segmentation, using advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence tools to deliver more relevant and customer-centric shopping experiences.

Retail Media

As for retail media, it is expected to grow exponentially, becoming a key strategy for retailers and brands. These advertising spaces within e-commerce platforms allow retailers to promote their products more directly and accurately, leveraging consumer behavioral data to deliver more relevant ads.


Ilaria Carboni - Tendencias Ecommerce

Ilaria Carboni – Oct8ne

As specialists in the chat sector, we are committed to offering a solution that allows the users of our services to interact in an increasingly efficient and innovative way. Among the key trends of 2024, it is essential to highlight the use of AI in our sector and, in our case, its integration into the chat service. In this first year, we have witnessed amazing successes from our customers who have implemented AI into their Oct8ne bot, and we are excited about the possibilities that the coming year holds.

This new integration provides users with such a personalized experience that we have observed cases where they don’t even perceive that they are interacting with an automated system. We are convinced that the trend is towards an increasingly seamless, ultra-personalized and authentic experience.

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