How to tell the story that defines my brand

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Something that’s usually forgotten in an online store is the “who we are”, which is one of the most important aspects. Defining who is behind the brand is the only human contact we have with the final customer beyond delivering their package or making a phone call.

There are those who usually fill the page with stock photos like the typical one of a multi-racial group laughing, looking at the phone, answering a call, or even worse, photos that ooze anything but humanity and real life.

We recommend being completely honest and transparent. This means you have to put a picture of your physical store and who is really behind it. If you don’t want to because you don’t want to be protagonistic or you think it’s embarrassing, the answer’s the same: you have to do it.

Our physical store, warehouse or place we work may seem shabby, considered unattractive, or not photogenic at all, but that doesn’t matter! You always have to make an appearance. The final customer will appreciate it because they’ll see that there is someone behind the scenes and not just a stock photo that’s on 20 other pages.

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From here on out, we’ll put down everything we want on our “about me” page but also keep in mind to always tell a true story that can capture the customer’s attention. A story that defines our brand well. We’re not going to make things up. Let’s be transparent and show that behind our brand, there is someone who has been dedicated to selling tires for the past 30 years, for example.

Someone who is a tire expert and whose passion for this product stems from when his father took him to the mechanic when he was little and taught him how to fix cars and blah blah blah. That’s what sparked his passion for the automotive world and for fixing cars and that’s how he ended up having an online tire shop.

Anything else that occurs to us that may be relevant in conveying that we are a brand with a identity and values is good for these types of pages.

What doesn’t work is saying we’re a team of experts with 10 years’ experience and we’re giving a speech that the listener absolutely nothing. What people want to see is that behind the online store there’s flesh and blood, someone that will answer the phone, give them advice, and answer their chat or email queries. Only being human will put them at ease.

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