How to drive traffic to your website through IG

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No one needs an explanation of the importance of Instagram for a company’s digital marketing strategy anymore, but do you know how to drive traffic to your website from Instagram?

It’s not an obvious question. In fact, it can be a headache for people who aren’t completely used to how this network works and how it manages links to external sites.


Throughout this article we’ll see that this isn’t entirely the case but the truth is, it’s more than evident Facebook would like to see this happen on its more multimedia network.

They’ve always been reluctant to allow links in their publications and were overtly aware that Instagram’s retention capacity is one of its main strengths so they didn’t want to open the door to users.

Logically, this works against those who want to drive traffic to their website from Instagram. For a long time, the only link available was from the profile bio, meaning users had to carry out several actions to get to it. The impulse click was completely lost.



Little by little they’ve had to change that way of thinking. At first, they relented by allowing the link to be embedded…in the ad. Since the users were going to leave, at least it would’ve been profitable in another way.

Therefore, the first way to get Instagram visits to your e-commerce is by checking out.

We’re used to seeing sponsored posts in our feed and the same goes for sponsored stories. The layout of these campaigns is done from Facebook Ads (the platform it shares with its “mother” network).

We aren’t going to get into the technical section because it’s not very complicated; we’re more interested in talking about the possibilities than the implementation itself.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that people don’t go to Instagram to make a purchase, but they are open to inspiration. Sponsor posts and create campaigns where the protagonist is the product and make it either practical or aspirational (if it can be both, even better). If you’re selling a couch, show it in a living room so users get an idea of the dimensions and can see themselves sitting on it in a positive environment.

If you create specific campaigns, you can include calls to action in images and texts. A short text, better not to abuse this resource, that includes the main advantage of the advertisement (a 20% discount now, for example).

Use as many formats as possible, place your videos, images and carousels, both in the main feed and in stories or reels. The farther the potential reach, the more traffic you can get for your website.

Important: if you have an e-commerce, create a store and catalog on Facebook with your products. This way you can carry out sales campaigns bringing traffic to their pages, both in feed publications and in stories.


You may be wondering, “But how can I get traffic to my website through Instagram… for free? Let’s look at how we can achieve this.

The first, and most traditional way , is playing around with the link in the bio. It’s a hassle because it means you have to change it depending on the strategy and remind the public each time that they have the “link in the bio”. Uninviting, but it works better than you think.

Another more stylish and trending way is to put a link in the stories. It couldn’t be easier; you just have to take the best vertical image or video of your product and use the “link” sticker. Thanks to this hack, you’ll have a customizable text label.


product tags 1

Having already created your store and catalog on Instagram, you can also tag the products in your posts. It’s simple, almost like tagging people in photos. You can create multiple labels, so you can take the opportunity to sell several products in a single image.

Remember that you have a store tab on your profile so that the items are always available and generate traffic to the store via Instagram without mixing with other posts that are not transactional.


instagram store english


As you can see, there are ways to bring traffic and sell online. You just have to give the strategy a spin because now it’s easier than it was a few years ago.

Starting now, we encourage you to try it out and turn Instagram into a source of visits.

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