How to increase telephone conversions

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Sometimes we forget the telephone’s role as a business strategy but the truth is, for many e-commerce businesses, it continues to be a great conversion tool that, in many cases, can be superior to others. But how can customer service promote conversions?

It seems obvious but first of all, you should do a small study to know where conversions come from and what weight calls have. Once you have an approximate percentage, you’ll be able to start working on optimization.

For this, you have to focus on your agents raising awareness and training staff. The people in charge of customer service should know that it’s a priority to answer a phone call above other inquiries. Give them sales techniques through workshops, on and offline documentation, or talks and keep in mind that their main job is to prevent and resolve complaints, not be sales clerks, though they may acquire a mixed profile over time.

With trained and conscientious staff it’s important that you adapt your page as much as possible to succeed in generating those calls. Anything generated by the telephone traffic should be taken care of the most.

  • Make sure the phone is always visible and ready for a call to action. It should be set up so that a customer on a mobile device is able to call simply by clicking a button.
  • Avoid a lot of additional pricing, it’s a significant obstacle.
  • Use callback services: There are few things more attractive than “We’ll call you for free!”
  • If you’re doing campaigns with Adwords it’s “compulsory” to use call extensions. They’re effective, simple to install, and they measure success well to boot.
  • Make multichannel communication work in your favor and install a chat with voice support to convert chat hits into phone conversations.

Now that our staff is ready and able to take calls, let’s enter the most cumbersome, but necessary, field to know if our hard work is paying off in telephone conversions; we need to measure. Why is it cumbersome? Because you can’t always discern it easily, especially if we have a single phone for the website like in any other support channel. It’s recommended to have distinct employee phones but you always have to consider the cost of this decision.

On the other hand, tools like callbacks and chats have the enormous advantage of generating their own reports, which may be incomplete, but will at least help you make decisions. Any strategy that mentions improving conversion requires the necessary testing.

Speaking of multi-channel communication, a great way to strengthen the user experience is with Oct8ne’s Phone PIN. Through a CTA that, in this case is a phone icon, the customer receives a unique code that he can provide to the agent and subsequently receive visual support while continuing the call.

This code redirects customers on the phone to the coviewer so they can have visual support while speaking, thus making the communication much more fluid. In addition, at the beginning of the session agents can see what products the customer has seen, which is an advantage when giving advice.

You can choose the access points and customize them so they integrate with how your website looks and will optimize the phone channel to facilitate customer service agents accompanying the customer better during the shopping process and, of course, closing the sale.

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