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“For companies starting with online customer service”

Includes the following features:

  • A simultaneous chat
  • Image and video coviewer
  • 20 catalog products
  • Chat history
  • Mobile specific design


“For companies that want to rise their sales with a visual assistance”

Includes all the Free features and also:

  • Unlimited number of chats
  • Image and files bidirectional sharing
  • Statistics on chat, products and agent activity
  • Sales Engagements
  • Predictive segmentation


“For companies that want to transform their customer service team into a sales strength”

Includes all the Lite features and also:

  • Client viewed products history
  • Add products to the items cart from agent and client
  • Google Analytics and BI integration
  • Statistics on item carts and viewed products
  • Datas export


“For large companies”

Includes all the Pro features and also:

  • Removal of logos
  • Tailored integrations with CRM, analytics
  • Tailored developments

Add the module “Video and voice calling”
Integrated video calling
Voice calling
Screen sharing
Skype integration

Get started easily

Easy setup

Easy installation

Register with Oct8ne and receive a code script. Install it in your website and start experiencing our tool.


Complete customization

Add your logo and corporate colors in order to seamlessly incorporate the look&feel of your website. You can also send your customers customized messages.

Free Support

Personalized support

At Oct8ne we want to be sure that you enjoy all the advantages we have to offer from the very beginning. We provide you support by telephone and/or email and also training sessions.

Plans comparison

Simultaneous chat 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly chat limit 20 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Contact form without agents Always visible Customizable Customizable Customizable
Visitor information
Visitor page following up
Sound and visual notifications
Short common sentences
Android and iOS application
Send a summary to customers
Chat transfer between agents
Send files
Internal messages between agents
See previous chats
Take chats from other agents
Tagging chat
Simultaneous translator
Panel for large volumes
Catalog product number limit 20 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Share products in real time
Share videos in real time
Catalog automatic upload
Interaction with pencil
Product viewed history
Add products to visitor shopping cart
Send visitor to product page
See visitor search
White brand
Attending and no attending chats
Entry channel
Integration with Google Analytics
Agent activity
Showed products
Agent ratings
Total shopping cart
Agent shopping cart
Data export
Chat history 14 Days 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Contact form history 14 Days 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Multi Domains 1 Domain 3 Domains 8 Domains Unlimited
Activity list
Agent management
Timer inactivity
Agent simultaneous chats limit number
Agent multi-language
Black listed countries
Ip’s blocking
Tags setup
Chat widget customization
Visitor multi-language
Chat total CSS customization
Coviewer customization
Adapting notes
Hide chat when logged out
Widget chat
Custom Embedded Link
Phone Pin
Invite link
Summary session
Predictive segmentation (triggers)
Assisted search
Product viewed history bar
Custom triggers
Initial agent training
Chat support
Email support
Telephone support
24h support
Following up and constant training
Plugins CMS
Plugins CRM
Custom integrations

What is an agent?

The agents are the people who will use Oct8ne as representatives of your website. Each agent can create a personal profile and has individual access to the tools panel.

Will I be charged a license fee for each agent that has the platform?

At Oct8ne we believe that it is very important that a customer can identify when an agent has provided them with good customer service. The fee relates to the number of agents active simultaneously, not the total number of agents registered. This means, if you pay for 3 licenses, you can have 3 agents working at the same time, though you might have a total of 5 agents registered.

Can I change the number of agents that I use?

Yes. It’s easy to add agents as your business grows. In the administration panel you can add or delete agents at any moment.

Can I change my number of contracted licences?

Yes. In the administration panel you can add or delete licences at any moment and the price will be recalculated according to the licences contracted in that moment.

How do I pay?

The payment will be made on a monthly or annual basis. You will be able to manage the payment details from the administration panel. During the 14 day trail we won’t ask you for your bank details.

Will Oct8ne impact the performance of my website?

No. Our software quickly loads on your site after your pages have already loaded. Any time Oct8ne is used, the interaction is hosted and stored on our servers, not yours.

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