Rossetti Deportes optimizes its customer service with Oct8ne

The problem: chaos in managing customer service channels and help requests

Rossetti Deportes, the online sportswear store based in Argentina, began offering customer service on its website through phone calls, WhatsApp, and social media, which generated a large number of inquiries that were difficult to respond to promptly and efficiently.

Why? Because to respond to each of them, it was necessary to access different communication channels, complicating the task for the customer service team and increasing the average response time. For example, to respond to WhatsApp inquiries, it was necessary to log into that account and provide feedback to each query. Then the same process had to be replicated on Instagram, Facebook, and other active channels.

Seeing that this mechanism complicated the daily work of their team, Rossetti decided to implement Oct8ne, which allowed them to add a chat with visual support to their website but also facilitated the task for the customer service team.

You are probably wondering how, and the answer is by optimizing the way they respond to help requests thanks to the Oct8ne panel, from which it is possible to access inquiries from all communication channels in a unified way, providing feedback quickly and easily.

Imagine no longer needing to log into each social network to respond to your users. You simply need to access the Oct8ne panel and from there see all the inquiries to respond to them one by one or automatically through the chatbot. Sounds good, right?

The winning strategy: Live Chat + Chatbot

Like most e-commerce businesses that have implemented Oct8ne, Rossetti Deportes opted to implement a chatbot that filters all frequently asked questions and forwards only the most complex inquiries to human agents, such as the rejection of a credit card payment. In this way, they offer ultra-personalized service 24/7, taking advantage of those moments when their customer service is online to close “face-to-face” sales, as explained by Agustin Barrios, head of e-commerce.

For Rossetti, the human agents who attend to the chat on their e-commerce site must have a deep knowledge of the store and its products; therefore, all those who work in the digital part of the business have previous experience working in the physical store. This ensures that the human attention of the e-commerce site is always of high quality.

Oct8ne on WhatsApp: a necessary solution for e-commerce in Latin America

At Rossetti Deportes, they report that inquiries about products, promotions, and prices—those related to pre-sale—come from social media, as these are the channels where they showcase their products and advertise. Inquiries related to order status and all post-sale matters come through WhatsApp. This turns out to be the brand’s star channel, through which they receive the most help requests.

In Latin America, and unlike in Europe, the messaging service is widely used in the workplace. For this reason, offering the same visual and personalized service of the website on WhatsApp greatly helps Rossetti to close sales, showing, for example, the texture of a specific garment or footwear, or different aspects of the products.

To understand the importance of WhatsApp for this store, in a three-month period, Rossetti Deportes received:

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The product search tool to facilitate searching and increase sales

The product search tool within the Oct8ne chatbot is one of the most used features, allowing customers, both on the web, on WhatsApp, and on social media, to easily search for what they are looking for with keywords within the same conversation window. In this way, “customers can quickly find what they are looking for from WhatsApp, and then they enter the website with a firmer purchase decision.” This is explained by the Head of E-commerce at Rossetti, who has also implemented this Oct8ne feature to increase website sales.

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The implementation and continuous improvement of the Oct8ne Chatbot

At Rossetti, they comment that the setup was easy and quick, as the Oct8ne team took care of this task, offering recommendations based on the baseline that other e-commerce businesses typically implement. Continuously, the Rossetti team has been adapting the bot’s flow based on the questions they deemed necessary to add to expand the range of help requests that the chatbot is capable of handling.

And now that you’ve read all this, you might be imagining that you too can optimize your customer service by offering your clients immediacy and excellence, as well as optimizing your team’s work.

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