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Today we talk about Freshly Cosmetics, an online store of natural cosmetics products, born in 2016 from the project of two chemical engineers with a great passion for entrepreneurship who wanted to launch their brand keeping three fundamental requirements: natural products, healthy and respectful towards the environment.

Freshly was born as a Native digital brand and, for that reason, they always focused since the very beginning on offering a close and personalized service in their website.

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Why Oct8ne?

When they decided to implement Oct8ne in their online store, they were looking for something more than a standard chatbot, a tool that could have helped them to offer a closer contact with customers. Something visual, that could reproduce the experience of a brick and mortar store. Therefore, the key element that made them choose Oct8ne was the Coviewer, a visual support that allows, along with the integration of the store catalog, to show and recommend products in real-time. 

Freshly Cosmetics has more than 1.2M customers in 36 countries in Europe, America and Asia. Both its website and its Customer Love team are available in Spanish, Catalan, French, English, Italian and Portuguese, and, to offer the same service level 24/7, its chatbot is also available in the same languages. During a podcast with Laura Vernet, Customer Love Specialist at Freshly Cosmetics, she commented that the implementation of the chatbot was a very important project, who had the goal to create a flow that could guide the customer throughout the customer journey.

How do they use Oct8ne?

Freshly has created a chatbot structured in different trees to guide customers toward the products that best suit their needs, but also shows them, through their coviewer, videos with content such as product application, recommendations, offers related to the type of skin/hair/body selected by the customer, among others.

The Freshly team selected possible questions for their audience, creating a series of modules with questions and multiple answers that allow their customers to shop at any time without having to rely on the availability of a human agent.

In addition, the Freshly team continues to nurture its chatbot – which is becoming more and more efficient – with the feedback they receive from their customers. Furthermore, every time they have a new product to launch in the market, they imagine and create the flow of all possible queries a customer may have in regards to the article. This way, Freshly is able to offer high quality customer service for all the items of the online store catalog.


How do users respond to the interaction with Natura and how much human interaction do they require?

As the Freshly team knows, most customers are not used to interacting with a high quality bot. Therefore, they try to educate them offering ultra-personalized attention through Oct8ne’s visual chatbot -that they called Natura- and, keeping available as a last resource -at the end of each conversation- the option to talk to an agent in case the customer needs it.

Now, you may be wondering, what is the percentage of questions that such a chatbot can solve without human interaction? According to Freshly’s metrics, only 20% of users ask to be transferred to an agent. 

This means that 80% of the queries are satisfactorily resolved by Natura.  

Another remarkable data about the use of Oct8ne is the percentage of users who usually interact with it, which may vary among 0.7% to 8%. The difference between these two values it depends on the way the ecommerce use it, which can be more or less proactive. For example, you can wait for the customer to talk to you, or boost that interaction through a good triggers strategy – automatic messages – that allow you to offer help by opening the chat in key moments of the purchase process. For example: when customers are comparing products, when they have more than X amount of cart value or when they stay in the checkout page for more than X seconds without completing the payment.

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What’s the chat impact on sales?

“Being able to show and recommend product images or videos of routines through the coviewer has increased our conversion rate by more than 30%, so all the previous work of setting up the chatbot converts very well, and we are very happy with the results Natura is giving us.”

In addition to this service, Freshly Cosmetics also offers personalized assistance through their Skin Coaches who can videocall the customer directly through the chat window. These professionals are skin specialists who give personalized advices with specific routines and products based on the skin type and needs of each person, offering also a follow-up service, to ensure the customer have achieved the desired result.

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