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It’s been a while since Electrodomésticos Miró started working with us. This specialized e-commerce has an extensive product catalog because it extends its market niche to other sectors like technology, computers, photography or phones, in addition to large and small appliances.

We spoke with Francesc Barrio, CCO of Somos Sinapsis, an agency that manages e-commerce, to learn why they made the leap to personalized assistance and how, thanks to that, they’ve become a great success story.

Personal contact, which is basic in a physical store, generally works as self-service in the online world. “From the business point of view, e-commerce misses many sales opportunities by leaving everything up to the customer, like web design and marketing strategy, and ignoring the potential of the instantaneous human factor.”

“At Miró Appliances, we noticed that customers always appreciate when an expert is there to answer their questions, even if they’re used to making purchases online. It’s always good to help them through the process, solve their problems and listen to their complaints”.

Oct8ne increases Electrodomésticos Miró sales by 30%


Before implementing Oct8ne, the company used other types of free livechat tools or paid for the simplest version; but nothing fit well with their goals. “With the other chat tools we were forced to have the webpage open parallel to the chat window to advise the client; doing constant searches while attending them and trying to understand what product they were talking about.

If we needed to recommend an item in the catalog, the only option was to send a link and wait for it to open in their browser. Oct8ne was the solution we were looking for to develop the concept of humanizing e-commerce and complement our relationship marketing strategy”.

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The challenge

“Oct8ne was the solution we were looking for to develop our concept of humanizing e-commerce and complementing our relationship marketing strategy”.

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How Electrodomésticos Miró uses visual customer service

Consultations through the livechat evolve to personalized consultancy in that customers can have a conversation about a product while viewing it. They can directly show images of what they need, whether it’s in the store catalog or not. This way, the customer service team works as a sales department.

“Oct8ne makes the process much smoother. We don’t waste time searching for products on the web or sending links. Everything is done directly in the coviewer; which has allowed us to cut down on the response time and, above all, the average length of the conversations. Our agents focus quickly on the customer’s needs and the experience is much better.

For example, by focusing on what the customer really wants, without wasting time asking questions or doing external searches on the web, we solve issues faster and meet our goal of personalizing the customer interaction without running into limitations.

Electrodomésticos Miró uses Oct8ne on three levels:

  • As a basic contact channel like any other livechat to solve post-sale problems
  • As a sales opportunity to apply relationship marketing techniques, thanks to the coviewer
  • And to coordinate the marketing team with campaigns and sales strategies
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The results

Analyzing the data of a three-month period from August to October, about 2,300 conversations were recorded thanks to this personalized attention model. Its conversion data, include:

  • Converting 25.6% of users attended through this personalized attention tool.
  • Increasing conversion up to 34.2% when agents use the coviewer proactively to show products.
  • Generating customer loyalty for those who left the store without making a purchase during their first visit, improving the return and converting 18.5% of users.

Francesc says his website’s agents always find a few recurring queries: customers looking for an appliance with certain characteristics but don’t know which brand or model to choose, users that need a specific product to fit the dimensions of their house, or who want to compare two or three similar products.

“Keeping in mind that we receive all kinds of inquiries, if we only focus on the conversations we consider to be purely sales, we show an average of three products per session. In these cases, the possibility of being able to show the products to the customer is a great option that brings us one step closer to making a sale.

Sometimes we find users who are interested in a specific product but aren’t completely sold on it. With the ability to access the catalog and display items, the agent is able to influence products that interest the customer, offer other options or cross-sell.”

At Oct8ne showed that the intention to make a purchase is multiplied by each item shown in the coviewer, thanks to the assisted sales model. It’s easier to sell something you can show!

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