Success Stories: Totto

Totto is a bag brand founded in Colombia during the 1980s. In 1992 arrived in Costa Rica and from that moment on, it began its expansion, reaching 55 countries around the world. 

By 2008, Totto landed in Spain under the leadership of Carlos Martinez Aguirre, CEO of the firm in Spain, Europe, Middle East and Africa, who, together with a big team, made the brand become a leader in the school and youth segment.

School segment: the core business

The brand became known for its backpacks for children, teenagers and university students. Its colors and prints are a hallmark, in addition to the high durability that allows mothers of young children to forget about renewing the backpack every year. 

According to Angelines Garcia Escribano, from Totto, the main profile of the brand’s buyers are mothers and fathers between 30 and 45/50 years old, and she also explained that “most sales are made in physical stores, although they are noticing an important change in purchasing behavior”

Why implementing a chat?

Although the main sales channel continues to be offline, Totto has seen, with more than ten years in the Spanish market, that customers remain the same but online sales are increasing annually

For this reason, the company decided to improve its website so that when receiving more users, everything would work perfectly.

One of the first things they did was to implement a space for frequently asked questions to give quickly support to customers and transfer to the agents those queries that really need human feedback.

At the same time, they decided to do a market analysis to evaluate different chat options, until they came to the conclusion that Oct8ne was the chosen one thanks to its visual support, unique in the market, among other functionalities. 

Once Oct8ne was configured, the frequently asked questions were transferred to the chatbot, which with the Drag & Drop module system allowed them to create a dynamic tree with questions and answers, automating and simplifying a large part of the brand’s customer service.

totto ingles 1
totto ingles 2

What content is used in the chatbot?

After analyzing all the information they have from past years, the content for the chatbot was created, taking into account that the focus should be on those doubts related to order status, deliveries and returns, payment methods, stores, warranties and other queries. 

“Generally, customers want to communicate with a human agent when a product has broken and they need to request a repair or exchange. The rest is answered 24/7 by the chatbot”, Angelines adds.

oct8ne dashboard 300

The importance of personalization

Totto takes care of all the details, and therefore, requested to modify the chat widget, so that when you enter, you can see on the right side the brand’s isotype that, when clicked, displays the Oct8ne chat. 

Users’ purchasing habits are changing from the physical channel to online, so it is important to do as Totto did and leave the website ready to provide the best customer service and, thus, increase sales. 

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