How is Amazon’s customer service?

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It kicks butt. I could finish the article here but I´ll try to extend it a little more and give some reasons. So, why does it kick butt? Because you’ll find few customer service desks where you’re right 99% of the time, no questions asked.

Obviously this type of service leaves the vendors who sell there unprotected with their butts in the air but you’re the customer so it’s not really your problem.

It’s also true that you will have very few problems given that Amazon works on a strict voting and client feedback system– the Amazon purge— meaning if a merchant screws up X amount of times, they’re expelled from Amazon. So you may not need the type of customer service we’re talking about too many times.

Amazon’s Customer Service in all its glory.

The majority of the time you won’t need it. Not only because of the pressure Amazon puts its workers under but also the pressure that merchants demand. Your customer service begins with an in-depth help page where you can find answers to most of the problems you face.

And if you don’t find the answers, you can always call or send an email. They respond lightning fast and their policy regarding the customer is usually no questions asked because the customer is the center of everything and the rest doesn’t matter. This is why it’s one of the few companies that can tell the customer that if they’re unhappy with the product in the first few days or if it breaks within two years, Amazon will refund their money.

However, where Amazon’s customer service is really strong is in the logistics. If you, as the merchant, want to opt for Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), Amazon saves your stock in its warehouse, sends you the orders and manages customer service or returns, alleviating a big headache on your end.

They’re not only great in shipping, you can ship to wherever you want and cheaply, but also for the centralized, smooth and multi-lingual customer service. Imagine having an army of telemarketers at your service who can speak any language perfectly. Oh my God! What structure do you need to have that in-house customer service? It’s impossible to take on.

For these reasons my friends, though it pains me to say it, Amazon’s customer service kicks butt and it’s much better than that of the majority of online stores that are around. Make it your reference for everything you do.

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