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We’ve already explained how Oct8ne has been able to increase sales by improving communication between the agent and the customer through coviewer user tracking, or triggers. However, with all these features, having an available agent is necessary. Here, a new question arises: What happens if I’m not connected when the client needs help?

It’s easy to believe that our tool has focused on businesses with a customer service department that has several available agents but at Oct8ne we have also thought of small businesses that can’t afford to be constantly looking at the computer.

Actually, SMEs are among the main obstacles of online sales to maintain good customer service. Clearly, if an e-commerce site doesn’t have several agents, it will be difficult to offer an immediate response at any time of day.

Intelligent offline mode

Oct8ne solves this problem. When a customer needs help, it does not matter if there is no agent connected: the user can be attended thanks to intelligent offline mode. Each business can manage the expectations of its customers by changing the connection status of the commercials so that they appear as available or unavailable. If there’s no one connected or the agent is busy, the chat window can display a personalized message or contact form to reconnect with the customer when the agent can attend them.

Contact Form

Similar to many other tools, when no one is available and a customer opens the Oct8ne chat a form can be displayed where the user will only have to leave their name and email so the agent can respond at any time.

Additionally, if you prefer to resolve your doubts over the phone, you can also leave your phone number for the agent to contact you. In essence, the form is a bridge for classic means of communication to become sales tools.

Invite Link

It’s true that the contact form can be found in other chat services but what differentiates Oct8ne is the combination with the Invite Link.

Once the agent connects, the link allows him to respond to the contact form and get in touch with the client. The agent can provide a URL that redirects the client to the coviewer and from there they can solve any questions interactively at any time.

Furthermore, the Invite Link makes it possible that when a client sends questions about a product through the contact form, the agent can create a personalized catalog with the items that the customer needs. The agent can then send the customer the link so both parties can see the items in the coviewer instead of looking for them again on the website.

History Bar

This feature shows the customer’s product history at the top of the screen. This way, whether the customer has been attended to or not, when a customer has seen several products and decides to buy one, he can always find them in the history bar.

When you click on the product, it will be displayed directly in the coviewer: if there is an agent connected, each person can interact with the product together and, if someone isn’t available, the user can use the coviewer individually and quickly add the item to the shopping cart.

Mobile App

Oct8ne has a mobile application so that agents can respond to a chat without being in front of the computer: they can work from the desktop and, if they need to get up for a moment, receive chat notifications on their smartphone.

From the app you can manually answer or send previously saved messages to speed up the process. Also, if you’re able to or need to go back to the computer, you can continue the conversation from there.

In addition, agents will also be able to see how many customers are browsing the web and see what page they are on. So, if you think it is necessary to start a conversation with a buyer, you won’t be doing it blind, you’ll know what to offer each customer.

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