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Providing good customer service is crucial, especially in e-commerce where buyers are only a click away from leaving your business. Each email or call becomes a key point where the contact between the customer and the company will define the user’s experience.

If they’re left with a bad taste in their mouth, they probably won’t come back. According to the statistics published by Insight Squared, 82% of consumers stop buying a specific brand or going to a store due to poor customer service, 53% are upset if they are unable to speak with an actual person. Point number one: all clients are equally important and they need to know that because up to 42% won’t think twice about changing companies if they don’t get their questions answered.

One negative opinion in treatment and customer service won’t only make you lose the clients you have, it will also create a wall and keep you from getting new ones. 45% of buyers who have had bad experiences share them on social networks and consequently, 63% of consumers read about negative experiences that others have had before buying anything online.

There are three basic tricks to providing good customer service:

  1. Proximity:

Clients look for immediate solutions and it’s very important to manage every request with as much brevity as possible. Many businesses still use social media exclusively as a way to promote their business but clients see social networks as a way to obtain immediate responses.

How long does it take on average for a company to answer an email? It’s a lot easier to send a message through Facebook or request information in a tweet. 25% of clients change companies because they get tired of waiting for a response they don’t know when will come. Respond quickly: customer service opinions convince 88% of clients before they make the decision to purchase.

  1. Satisfaction:

If we go with the first solution, a client can go from being extremely annoyed to being a great ambassador for our brand. A good way to satisfy customers is by arranging a Sales Suite on your webpage. This way, the user won’t have to look for the correct email address or try to find the right company on social networks to receive a response.

It’s comfortable, quick, and will keep complaints from being publicly reflected on your social networks. Earn your customers’ trust by resolving their questions without having to leave your webpage. A good agent will provide great service that will culminate in a great shopping experience.

  1. Active listening:

Don’t let customers complain. This doesn’t mean you don’t let them speak, but that you actively listen. What do they think of the brand and the products? How have their experiences in purchasing been or what has been their biggest obstacle before buying? If you look for feedback and get your customers to participate, they will feel more valued and complaints will lessen. Worry about their satisfaction; 53% of customers feel underappreciated.

Do you know how to approach an angry customer?

  • Get interested in what they have to say.
  • Make it clear in your responses that you’re listening.
  • Worry about how they answer your questions.
  • Apologize for any problems caused.
  • Solve the problem or find someone who can.


These three things are very basic suggestions but they’re not always easy to follow day after day. Look for your customers’ complaints and contact those who are no longer customers. Try to understand them and avoid letting attitudes distance them from you. After a bad experience, 58% of users never return.

An attended client is a happy client and a happy client is a loyal one. When you attend them through our Sales Suite, in addition to being able to solve their problems in real time, you will be able to stay ahead of them and build loyalty so 70% of your customers come back within a month.

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