How to attract customers through Facebook

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Social networks have become the gateway to all our interests. They are increasingly present in the daily lives of consumers and undoubtedly have great power of influence. 30% the global population connect to these channels everyday to access all the Internet has to offer: information, entertainment, and consumption. Facebook has 1.590 million users around the world and among them are your potential customers.

According to a study in Influence Central, these types of tools already carry a heavier weight than television in the public’s decision when shopping. In fact, 81% of participants claimed that they frequently purchase products they’ve seen shared on social networks, which is one thing we have to bear in mind with the establishment of e-commerce in our country. Three-quarters of the population already makes online purchases more than twice a month.

Having a presence on Facebook allows a brand to reach more people and the strength of social networks becomes the purchasing engine: users’ opinions will be critical in bringing in more clients.

Positive experiences

87% of shoppers share good experiences with other users; all they have to do is write a post on their wall so their friends can read the recommendation. Having a Facebook profile will make accessing your e-commerce much faster and you’ll know if your customers are satisfied!

If Zuckerberg’s company recommends that you encourage your customers to leave reviews, it’s because there’s a good reason behind it. Your page has a store section but it’ll also have a rating section where a high rating, accompanied by positive reviews, will create more trust and interest among potential customers.

Integrate your store on Facebook

If a client posts a review of your brand, he will be able to mention it and create a direct link to your fan page. You can take advantage of your profile by adding the ‘Buy’ button at the top of Facebook to redirect visitors to your site or directly create a catalog with your products to place an order and finish the purchasing process without leaving the page. It’s important that you link your Facebook store with your e-commerce page, don’t forget to add the social network icons!

Generate content

Don’t limit yourself to adding products to your store; share them in the biography so your clientes see them in the latest news on their timeline. Not everything is advertising: 80% of your post should be information that’s interesting to your clients, that way you will attract a broader audience and impact a larger number of people when you share products, discount codes, or any other promotional information.

Play with Oct8ne’s Invite Link

The goal is to surprise your clients. It’s a much easier way to ensure they share your post on their profile and draw in their friends. Using our Invite Link on social networks will allow your clients to switch back and forth looking for the best deal because you can share the link to create a temporary discount.

The Invite Link will redirect users to the livechat where you will be able to give them a discount code that they can use for a certain amount of time. You can interact with them to learn what products they’re interested in and make a direct sale through customer service.

Therefore, the Invite Link works like a magnet: the discount will attract customers, they’ll become familiar with your e-commerce, and they’ll be satisfied with the experience that Oct8ne makes possible for users. Furthermore, it’s entirely targetable: you will be able to personalize the link and share it with one specific group of clients or another, adapting each offer to the needs of the target customers.

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