The four main benefits of customer service software

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Have you ever considered the time we spend looking at a web page’s statistics and trying to interpret what implementations for improvement we can derive from that data? Many of us have asked this long question, hopefully you have too.

What would you say if we could collect all the qualitative data instead of quantitative data and have direct access to the source of improvement on our site? This means, direct access to clients’ feedback. With customer service software we can better attend our customers and get direct feedback from them. It’s priceless.

Today we’ll comment on what the four main benefits are of having customer service software in your online store, though I think there are more.


Feedback for improvement

The first advantage would be to get feedback from your customers. We can find out what problem this visitor, and potential customer, has at that time. Perhaps it’s finding the correct product, not having the shipping information, or they got lost on the way to check out and they don’t know how to complete the purchase. For me, the main advantage would be to give the same service that we would offer in a brick and mortar store, but in our online shop.


Real time

Another extremely important point is to obtain information in real time. One of the payment options didn’t work at a store once. Obviously we weren’t watching if the checkout or payment options worked correctly because we weren’t monitoring them.

Someone who manages an online store can’t monitor 24/7 what works and what doesn’t, mainly because you assume that something works on its own and it won’t break if no one touches anything. Thanks to the online chat, we found out in real time that the POS payment method wasn’t working well and were able to fix it immediately.


Proactivity regarding the customer

Another advantage is proactivity. We can be the ones who are proactive and checking in with each client asking if they have any questions or if we can help them complete their order. We can also see if they spend a lot of time on the same product card or within a specific category, which could mean they have questions.

Questions we can clear up by entering the online chat and speaking with the customer there. Giving good customer service satisfies the customer more. Who doesn’t like being attended and receiving advice? We’re always more satisfied when someone lends us a hand while we’re trying to do something than having to figure out how to do it ourselves.


And, last but not least, monitoring. An online chat allows us to monitor visitors, which means knowing what they’re looking at all the time. For example, if a person has gone to a category and glanced over page after page after page without going to a specific product page, it might mean that they’re not finding what they’re looking for. We can help them find the product they want and ultimately lead them to making the purchase.

And what about you? What advantages do you see in customer service software?

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