10 Tips to grow your e-commerce store with Content Marketing

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Content marketing is known for being the cheapest type of digital marketing currently available to entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world. Moreover, it is also extremely effective and can often work better than any other type of digital marketing.

Ten tips on how you can use it to grow your e-commerce store:

  1. Choose one type of content to start with

One of the biggest mistakes newbies make is forgetting to create a solid content strategy. They start grasping at every type of content they see and trying to create one of their own. Instead, focus on one type of content at the beginning and then start trying out others.

For example, you could start with articles that could be posted on the blog of your website. After that, add in email marketing as it is also very effective. Then, you can spread to other platforms such as YouTube and social media. Maybe someday you will be offering online courses or having podcasts on SoundCloud or Spotify.

  1. Collaborate with others to promote your brand

You must remember one thing and one thing only: you are not alone. The Internet is huge and you don’t exist in a vacuum. Everything you do has to correspond to what everyone else is currently doing or is interested in. Otherwise, you will be ignored.

Try to found people like you and collaborate with them. Influencers on social media as well as bloggers in different niches are perfect for this. Get in touch and see whether they could give you a shout out in return for a shout out from you. If you decide to pay Instagram influencers for posts, make sure their content meets your standards and has all the relevant tags and hashtags.

  1. Create product guides

Customers love product guides. No instruction can explain how a product works better than a blog, image, or video guide. Besides, they can all be optimized for search engines easily and bring you additional audiences.

One of the best types of content to use for guides are infographics. You can make them with such a tool as Canva’s Infographic Maker or an equivalent. Infographics allow you to put complex concepts and processes into simple words with pictures.

  1. Find & share customer stories

User-generated content and customer testimonials are both so great because they have two things in common:

  1. They don’t need to be created by you. They already exist.
  2. They bear special importance and value for your customers.

Potential and past customers tend to believe reviews from real people, so if you can find someone writing about your products or your brand, make sure to use it in your content marketing campaign. This is especially effective if there is a touching story connected to the review, so you will be even twice luckier if you find something like that.

  1. Use tools to aid you

Don’t forget about the special apps and tools available to you! They were made for a reason, so it would be very stupid to ignore them and try to do some tasks yourself that had long been automated. Here are some examples of great tools and services you can check out:

  • Grammarly: The best online tool to check grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Trust My Paper: An online writing service to write your content for you.
  • Google Docs: A web equivalent of Microsoft Office Word to share and edit documents.
  • Studicus: Another great online writing service.
  • Plagiarism Checker: One of the best tools to check your text for plagiarism.
  1. Start guest posting

Just like with collaborating with others, you will have to find similar people to you for guest posting. Search for blogs in your niche or a related field. You can be very successful on Instagram too as e-commerce stores usually have a wide array of items to sell that look great on Instagram’s feed.

Once you make a list of websites and blogs you want to write for, start reaching out to them. Make sure you understand their content guidelines correctly and then pitch your own potential post. If they approve it, you’re all set. Guest posting will create backlinks to your site and this will, in turn, increase your Google search rankings.

  1. Share life hacks

Everyone loves life hacks. After all, they make your life easier and are often fun to do because they use the usual things in an unusual way. If you can come up with life hacks related to your products, you will be able to create quality content that will probably perform quite well considering its value for the audience.

  1. Film captivating videos

After you get acquainted with written content, you can start implementing videos into your content marketing strategy. Videos are always in-demand and have a high engagement rate. They are also shareable which gives them the potential to go viral.

Depending on the products you are selling in your e-commerce store, you will have to choose between entertaining, educational, or informative videos. Of course, you can do all three, but you have to remember what tone you chose for your business and stick to it. So, if you sell men’s business clothes, making funny dog videos is not for you.

To create a good video, make sure to first write a script and then edit it well in such a program as Vegas Pro adding music and transitions. Make sure to publish your video both on your website and on YouTube as this will give you more exposure.

  1. Put together a glossary

Not everyone understands the terms you are using, so putting together a glossary may be a great idea. Of course, this mostly works for those who chose a very small niche with lots of terms.

  1. Build checklists & wishlists

Checklists and wishlists are a great way to encourage your potential customers to buy more. People instinctively want to collect all the items in the list and they will continue purchasing until they get all of the products.

When creating checklists and wishlists, theme them around one topic. For example, you can use holidays or seasons as a premise. If you are selling merchandise for books, movies, or games, theme them around these works.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, content marketing has proved itself and will continue proving that there is nothing impossible – even if you don’t have the budget for usual advertising. Follow the tips and tricks in this article to get the most out of e-commerce content marketing.


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