Success story: Luxenter increases CRO up to 18% by showing products with Oct8ne

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Luxenter is a company that’s been in the jewelry business for more than 40 years. Since 2012, they’ve also made their way into the online world to sell their collections and creative designs and are constantly looking for trends.

Despite their experience, Luxenter, like any fashion company, has a handicap when selling online: customers can’t try on the products before buying them. “Our challenge is to dispel all doubts the customer may have when assessing the item,” says Jaime Balmori, one of the company’s online customer service representatives.

“Generally, the hesitation is about the size, weight, materials used, color, and above all, knowing if it’ll fit. You have to give a good description of the product, make it as detailed as possible, and add a variety of pictures that let you see the jewelry from different angles. Most importantly, you need to have photos of a model wearing the piece of jewelry.”

In using Oct8ne as a customer service tool, you can fight this problem and improve the buying momentum by displaying all the photos and videos you need while you’re talking with the customer.

“The coviewer is a novel tool offering a user experience that goes far beyond any simple livechat. The main convenience is that the customer gets a more personalized experience and this alone is a confidence boost.

The customers not only see what they want to buy more clearly, they can also ask the agents for advice if they have questions. In addition, many customers are not yet accustomed to receiving this type of online treatment, so we can use the opportunity to surprise them and make them feel good.”

These positive feelings your customers have have had a great impact on sales: when you show products to customers through the coviewer, the conversion rate increases to 18% in the same session they’ve been attended in.

“A customer wants to assess an online product with almost the same amount of detail as they do in a physical store. Above all, the biggest hesitation comes from not having good photos; especially of how it looks. If product data is missing, the customers stop trusting what they’re seeing.”

Other positive data are the number of returns and the visitors attended: 15% of users return to the page and end up making a purchase later if they didn’t by something in the first session and 70% of the sessions with customers began thanks to the impact of triggers.

“The customer relationship has to focus on satisfaction: cover their needs effectively and as quickly as possible. For complete customer satisfaction, the shopping experience must be comprehensive.

Our purchasing process, the close and personalized attention we offer by using Oct8ne, the delivery times, and the product and packaging experience are part of a journey where, if something fails, the customer won’t reach the destination we want: loyalty.

When asked about where the future of customer service and the online user experience is heading, Luxenter was very clear: Loyalty 2.0. “The customer is better informed and more demanding, they want everything faster and more within reach than ever. We always have to know what they need and be able to anticipate their needs.”

“The basis of customer service shouldn’t change: we need to listen, care, empathize, assess, and be efficient with buyers. Soon, customer service and the UX will exceed the price and the product as the main factor differences of the brand and ensuring a positive experience will be key. ”

“Companies have to assume an extensive internal transformation and make sure their customers see that the business model is focused on them.” Do you want to start this journey with your company?

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