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Thanks to our hard work and dedication, Oct8ne has recently been listed amongst the best Magento extensions

The list was gathered by cybernews.com – an online resource filled with everything from insights on the latest technologies to the best VPN coupons, discounts and offers. Be sure to check them out!

Oct8ne can be installed in less than five minutes, check here the installation instructions!

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We – Oct8ne – provide a unique 360 tool that takes customer support to a whole new level. And all that is on a single platform! You can now choose from three different product options:

  • Oct8ne – the only livechat with visual support. It allows you to show real-time images and videos of products and services and will help you understand purchasing patterns and personal preferences. With it, you´ll also be able to target to traffic and automatically spot leads. 


  • Chatbot – is a drag & drop module system, that helps direct your customers through a visual and innovative venture. It can be seamlessly implemented in channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp, with the same 24/7 visual experience. And the best part is that no code is required.


  • Messaging – lets you incorporate any of the most used messaging channels with One-Click integration. You can easily manage all requests with a single dashboard. It also allows you to display products and services, so users can effortlessly find what they are looking for.

So if you want to take your customer support to another level, request a demo or start your free trial any time!

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