When, how, and why do Seasonal E-mail Marketing?

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Each year there are special days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, CyberDays, and especially Black Friday that have become unbeatable opportunities for businesses. It’s important to take advantage of these dates with seasonal e-mail marketing. Sending a greeting to your customers on these days or giving them special surprises or gifts is an effective way to boost your brand.

Have you ever wondered why it’s so fundamental to plan your actions in advance? Mainly, because when you do something first you can stand out from your competition, wow the customer, and be closer to solving their shopping needs on those special dates.

You should also keep in mind that seasonal e-mail marketing will let you take an even more important step: strengthening your connection with your subscribers and promoting further interactions with them.

Four benefits of Seasonal E-mail Marketing

Are you hesitantabout the benefits of creating an e-mail marketing strategy on certain dates? Here I’ll to tell you four essential benefits that might end up convincing you:

  1. It’s very useful to build customer loyalty

    A creative and timely message is twice as effective in moving people to action. Tip: Show them that there is a team behind the message – not just a brand – that wants to accompany them on that special date. Treat them with a human touch, be friendly, and get them interested!

  2. Speed and low cost

    E-mail marketing is the ideal technique if you need to save time and money. It’s also the technique with the highest ROI in the market!

  3. If you’re creative, you can enhance your message

    Giving a unique and special touch to your pieces will help you position your brand and make it go viral. Tip: It’s important to integrate your social networks into your mailing lists so your message grows exponentially. Design your campaign to reach your subscribers, contacts, and friends!

  4. Segmenting your lists improves performance

    When you divide your database by interest, age, country, etc., you optimize your mailings because they have a better chance of attracting your customers’ attention. Blanket e-mails will never be as effective as those intended for a specific target.

You can start implementing your e-mail marketing strategy in Doppler, a simple and effective digital marketing tool. Create a free account and easily design e-mails or edit templates for your shipments. Create automated e-mails and optimize communication with your contact base.

How do I take advantage of important dates?

When it comes to thinking about your e-mail marketing strategy, you don’t only have to consider what to say, but also when and how to say it. If you want excellent results on these dates, I recommend you start with the planning.

The year is long and I’m sure you have many activities that require your attention on a daily basis, so you need to be prepared well in advance for these shipments. It’s just as important to design your campaign to arrive on time as it is to be aware of all the important dates.

To help you with e-mail planning, Doppler created a Seasonal Marketing Calendar with 2019’s important dates. You can download it and access the digital and e-mail marketing tips to ensure good communication with your database.

Remember: There are certain times your clients will want to hear from you and above all, know about sales and promotions!

Advantages of arriving at the right time

On these special sales days, customers look forward to receiving your e-mails. They’re more ready to listen: they’ll want to know what you have prepared to offer them, if you have perks or promotional products.

It would also be a great gesture on your part to send them a heartwarming greeting, tell them a story that touches them, or prepare special content to get their attention.

When you have proper planning based on a Seasonal Marketing Calendar, your chances of reaching your customer before the competition increase considerably.

At any rate, I always clarify that in online marketing, the first e-mail that lands in the inbox doesn’t necessarily win; but be insightful and take the opportunity! Another important part of effectiveness has to do with your content.

It’s never too late to start

Even though the year has already started, you still have time to prepare e-mails that will significantly boost your business. Believe it or not, there are still many important dates you can’t miss! For example, there’s still time but you won’t want to miss Children’s Day.

Look at your Marketing Calendar, evaluate your business goals, and make a list of special dates you want to send mailings to your subscriber base. If you’re looking to increase your sales, you have to be prepared.


Since there’s always an added bonus, I wanted to leave you with a few tips so you can become a true e-mail marketing expert. Think about them when you design your Special Dates mailings:

  • Make a visual impact. Surprise your subscribers with quality e-mails, colors, and creative objects that with give them a good impression. If you’re able to make an impact on them, they’re more likely to choose your products.
  • Personalize your messages.It’s not just about being creative, try to send them relevant content too. Make sure you provide them with the information they need. Offer them what they’re looking for or something special that meets their needs.
  • Measureyour campaigns!This might be one of the most important parts of e-mail marketing: measuring the results of your campaigns. What open rates have you had? What products did your customers click on the most? Was the subject line you thought of effective? Whenever you run a campaign, you can measure its performance to see what to keep and what to change in your next mailings.

After reading these tips, it’s time to start thinking about your campaign strategy and reaching your customers effectively. If you’re going to start from scratch, do you know how to increase your database leads? Your customers are waiting for you. Should we begin?

Ennio Castillo from @Doppler

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