10 reasons why your ecommerce needs a blog

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Although we can give you more, we are going to tell you our 10 reasons why your eCommerce needs a blog (and it needs it now).

It may seem that in 2022, blogging in general, and in online stores in particular, is almost an anachronism. In reality, it is not true: they are more alive than ever, they still provide a lot of value and they are strategic.

10 reasons to open a blog in your eCommerce

This is a topic that is based on arguments, so we are not going to spend time explaining what a blog is (by now we are all clear about the concept). What you will find in this post are ideas related to the functions it can fulfill.

Ready? Here we go.

#1 –  Capture potential customers

While it is true that the nature of a blog is informative, it is also true that all users go through a customer journey with different stages. In the discovery phase, what they need the most are articles, comparisons, detailed explanations…

There is no better place for this in an eCommerce than a good blog.

#2 – Increase our visibility in search engines

Online stores, by default, usually have a very similar structure. They are composed of a hierarchy of several levels, something like home > category > subcategory > product.

It is a structure that works and is logical from the user’s point of view, but it limits us quite a lot in terms of search engines.
By incorporating a blog to our eCommerce, we will generate many entries and categories complementary to the transactional content. More entries, more urls and more search intentions that we can attack in Google.

#3 –  Improve our SEO relevance

Having a blog within the domain of our online store, makes us receive links from other pages and boosts internal linking.

Media and other blogs are usually more likely to link content than pure products. As the links favor the entire domain, hence for search engines, the entire website benefits from the authority gained.

Internally it also has the enormous advantage of allowing the creation of horizontal links linking products and categories from informative articles.

#4 –  Position us as experts

In addition to the famous SEO, it is also important to position ourselves as a brand. A blog helps us do just that, because our articles bring value to a community or a niche market and that generates a positive reputation for us.

Thousands of eCommerce today have gone the other way around: they came from a blog and ended up adding a store. Why? Well, simply because of the weight of the community that they have managed to drag along thanks to their opinions.

#5 – It brings credibility as a company

Almost every website has an “about us” section that, let’s face it, is not given much attention.

However, customers really do care about who we are, who works in our company, whether we have won an industry award or if we work with an NGO. This type of corporate content (which should not be abused either) does not usually have a place in the “about us” page, so static. But in the blog it always goes well and provides that transparency.

#6 – Generate material for social media

The problem with social networks is that they are quite demanding of content, we could almost say that they devour it.

If we share content from third parties, it will not bring us more than the engagement generated by those updates, but if it is our own, such as blog articles, it will also channel traffic to our website.

#7 – …And for a newsletter

Although its periodicity is higher, something similar to the problem of social networks, happens with newsletters sent by email.

It is a very good way to avoid being excessively commercial. This way we provide more than just sales and we also touch on topics that encourage the subscriber to remain a subscriber and, obviously, to open our emails, improving metrics such as CTR and open rate. Email marketing is also more alive than ever.

#8 – Generate recurring visits

The blog is, by definition, a source of content that is updated on a regular basis. The eCommerce, on the other hand, are usually relatively static websites, they do not change so often as to justify a visit (if you are not going to buy).

That’s why having a blog in our eCommerce is a way to attract traffic of consultation, users who come again and again to consume our content and, indirectly, we get to be always present in their top of mind as a brand.

#9 –  Increased reach

Let’s be honest: few people share a product card and, of course, rarely has something like this gone viral.

However, a good blog article allows our eCommerce to reach a larger number of users. In this case it is interactions from the point of view of people, not just search engines. People share what they consider to be of added value.

#10 – Content always alive

By working certain content so that it always has a certain interest over time, we have the advantage of being able to update and complete those posts so that they continue to maintain their validity.

Imagine you have positioned an article on the best active noise cancelling headphones. If a new model with these features comes out, you can include it very easily by extending the post.

We have given you 10 reasons why your eCommerce needs a blog, but we could give you even more.

Don’t think about it and start writing one, you will see that the results will justify it.

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